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  • Type: FiSe
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Unseelie

I have no clue why nobody responded to this! I think the dichotomy between light / dark attitudes of the heart is one of the most interesting additions to jungian typology that CT has made!

I think your assessment of the Se/Ni axis being at fault for a ‘dark’ attitude of the heart is pretty accurate. Ive seen the Beta and Gamma quadras described as the dark quadras as opposed to the Alpha and Delta light in socionics before, and the correlation had to do with Se/Ni as well.

With both quadras, there is an overarching theme of the viscerality and unforgiving nature of life itself, and how we just kinda have to deal with it (gamma), or conquer it (beta). You’ll often hear these sorts of axioms from betas and gammas, especially those with conscious Se and to a lesser extent Ni. You can see it in a difference between Gamma and Delta media, for example the original Alien vs Star Wars. Se presents itself in the psyche as very literal information, and an Se user almost never questions what they are seeing. Ni presents itself as deep revelatory realizations. These are honestly even less prone to doubt by the Ni user. The Se/Ni axis presents a kind of stubborn sureness of it’s position, either with physical evidence (Se) or without (Ni).

Your understanding of a dark attitude being correlated with assertiveness and sureness seems accurate! I became unseelie probably because I had been taken advantage of pretty frequently, and I realized that nobody was going to stop doing that just because I was being what I thought a good person was. Interestingly, my development of Se somewhat correlated to my switch into unseelieness. I became much more sure of myself, much more willing to set healthy (and some unhealthy) boundaries, and much more willing to engage in life’s more visceral activities (parties, drugs, sex, and rock n roll baby).

I really would love more study into the quadral difference between attitudes of the heart though! All of this so far is conjecture from my limited point of view! I also wanna see some seelie examples of an NiTe, cuz that type seems to be somewhat overly represented in my community (the trans community) and it bums me out that I have difficulty relating to many of my peers due to their somewhat prickly nature.

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