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  • Type: FiSe
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Unseelie

Se might not always have to do with extreme sports or adrenaline filled experiences. It sometimes has to do with seeking out new experiences, interesting stuff, getting what you want immediately, or mixing things up a little for yourself or others. Your experience of not liking driving because you don’t like traffic is a pretty good example of this. Se may manifest in a lack of patience, or is maybe better understood as a desire to get moving.

My Se manifests in some more restful ways. It allows me to fully embody myself and be Present during meditation or just while I’m walking down the street. I literally notice a higher resolution in sights, sounds, and all my senses when I consciously switch gears. It allows me to take in the vibrant colors of everything around me, and it’s really fun to practice going in and out. I accidentally practiced getting into an Se mindset in order to better do photography back before I knew what CT was. It allows me to be fully in my environment and get the most possible out of every single experience.

It has also manifested in me in various addictions, some of which make a lot of sense for Se users, like smoking, Adderall (amphetamine) abuse, and drinking a little too much. These make sense because they lower your inhibitions, which Se almost always wants to do away with. I’ve also had some addictions which made a little less sense for Se users, like prescription painkillers (Vicodin) and shitty at-home dissociatives and semi-psychadelics (homemade LSA, Benadryl, and cough syrup abuse). Those experiences were certainly fewer and far between though, and only took place in deep depressions when I probably wanted to stir things up. I was also a teenager and just trying various shit out, which is a pretty Se thing to do.

Se also aided me in kicking those various habits though, which might be a pretty atypical manifestation. Learning how to use it consciously and with intention allowed me to control my impulses, and I quit smoking, abusing Adderall, and getting hammered too often by really tapping into the straight up wonder and beauty of the world around me!

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