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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

NiFe II– Directive Female – Tamar Ross


Now we veer to a different quadrant, with NiFe Tamar Ross. In the above passage we see her discussing works that are not her own thoughts, but nonetheless are the sort of thoughts that preoccupy her attention and focus. They deal, as with other NiFe’s in the data, with the hard problems of consciousness, the definition of God, of reality and metaphysics.

She follows in the same pattern as other NiFe (or Ni+Fe more generally) metaphysical philosophers that we’ve seen such as NiFe Humberto Maturana, NiFe Carl Jung, FeNi Francisco Varela, and Martin Heidegger.

Placing her besides the SiFe’s above, we can see many similarities and differences in the treatment of the “human” question. For the Si+Fe types, the matter is contextually bound (S) by how behavior is shaped and constructed by specifics of a given environment, ritual, culture, etc. And for the Ni+Fe types, the matter is decontextualized (N) and the specifics are seen instead as a totem reflection of some deeper archetypal, “a priori” phenomenological truth that’s often encapsulated by words such as “consciousness.”

Below we also see Tamar Ross with conscious Ti development:

NiFe III- Directive Female – Tamar Ross


She is a J-heavy NiFe and writes extensively (I’d invite interested people to her articles ) about a variety of metaphysical topics, broadly speaking, but also in relation to Jewish theology. One article I read in full was this one, where she addresses the views of Rabbi Kook on the ontological status of religious truth statements, versus their instrumental value.

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