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  • Type: FiSe
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Unseelie

Hey, yeah! Kate Bush is so sick! Absolutely love her! I’m thinking though, maybe the quadral difference doesn’t have to do with actual likes/dislikes like genre, artist, or instruments used, but something more along the lines of motivation and maybe taste. Not all gammas like synth music, and probably not all betas like EDM. There is a shared set of motivations for gammas and betas alike though, and that may lead them to seek out the same kinds of experiences.

If Se is used with Fi, like in gamma quadra, the Se+Fi user will most likely be motivated to seek out or create experiences that are authentic and true to their identity, visceral and interesting, new, deep, and maybe intense in a sensory or emotional way. The reason I like Kate Bush a whole lot probably has to do with the fact that I’m able to empathize with her very easily and deeply, being of the same cognitive type, gender, and artistic inclination. Her music is laden with layer upon layer of emotional and sensory stimulus, so much so that it’s actually sometimes almost overwhelming. But that’s what makes her music so easy to understand for me as an FiSe, because that is how I can sometimes experience everyday life.

If Se is used with Ti, like in the beta quadra, the Se+Ti user will most likely be motivated to seek out or create experiences that are authentic and true to their castle construct of reality, direct, to-the-point, interesting, perfect, new, and maybe intense in a sensory or very direct way. Ti doesn’t beat around the bush (haha), and neither does Se. Ti is looking for simple, refined Truth, and Se is looking for simple, refined Experience. EDM is a perfect example of a combination of these two concepts. It is rhythm and tone reduced to it’s purest and most direct form. It has one purpose: it is dance music. It has one context: it is made electronically. It is Electronic Dance Music. Sounds and tones made digitally are clearer, more refined, and literally more mathematically perfect than acoustic sounds. They are able to be played and composed in perfect time at a perfect dance tempo. This combination of concepts would most likely be attractive to an Se+Ti user if I am defining Ti correctly.

Not being a Ti user, I don’t really know what the experience of Ti is like, and I don’t really have a great grasp on it’s motivations. But if it’s creating a literal and factual framework of reality like I experience with my Fi ethical and emotional framework, I might have an ok idea of it.

Anyway, it’s the job of CT, and personality typology theories in general, to think about the motivations behind people’s actions, not the specific actions themselves. We may often look to those specific actions and likes and dislikes, but we are only ever doing so to discover the motivation and process that led to them.

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