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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

SiFe l— Directive Male – Richard Schechner


Here we see another SiFe sample talking, very similarly, about the relevance of the intersection between behavior and the social life. To quote some of the above:

…very interesting words; Liminal & Liminoid. They can be traced back to the writings of a french anthropologist Arnold Van Gennep who in 1909 wrote “les rites de passage”, the rights of passage. In this book, Van Gennep says that all rights – and especially initiation rights; rights of passage – from puberty to adulthood, from having power to giving up power, from death to funeral rights to after-life… had three phases: separation, the middle or liminal phase, and reintegration. This work deeply influenced Victor Turner (…)

Ritual is a way of organizing and reorganizing behavior into set patterns. It is a way of taking certain behaviors and emphasizing them, and making new things from old behaviors. For example, to use an animal example…

Notice how there is a focus on the narrative (Si) of the individual, as informed by social life (Fe) and enacted behaviors (Fe) which have in them embedded beliefs. The full video goes into much more detail about how the enacted ritual has power on the individual. And here we see the traces of Fe+Si information metabolism.

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