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  • Type: FiSe
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Unseelie

I’m not too into EDM or festivals in general. I’m prone to overstimulation and oversocialization, and just a lack of desire to be in large groups in people in general. I have been known to go to dancing with my friend group though evey once in a while, but this is more of an exercise of going wild with my friends and community (the queer scene in Chicago), than really seeking out a highly sensory experience. This is probably because I’ve valued Fi longer than I’ve really known Se very well, and I call Fi home.

I do listen to some deep electronic music, but it’s usually more ambient with some dance elements, like Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada. Lots of 80s dance pop and stuff too actually! Tears for Fears, New Order, and the like. I guess I’m looking for emotional content first, and then a sensory experience. Or a cool blending of the two, like with the soundtrack musician Disasterpeace. And all that being said, I’m usually listening to this music with the highest quality of headphones I can afford and alone.

So maybe for me, a gamma introvert with a slant toward Fi over Se, it’s about the quality of sensory information coming at me instead of the quantity. I do honestly get fucked up once in a while though and get pretty wild with my friends, so maybe quantity is sometimes sought out.

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