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Wow Bera! That card and the description evoked some emotion. Thank you for posting those.


I completely agree with you but my question is – how did the doves appear and gave a message to you ?

I’m about to give you the most INFJ response… I think it is because I was meant to see them. I was unaware of the message. In fact, I tried to figure out the meaning for a short while and then I gave up. Admittedly, I have been encumbered with bitterness along with other emotions, which I think have slowed my developments at times.

“Do you think in these cases we tap into the collective unconscious and somehow start to experience what people in this particular situation have experienced?”

Yes. I think there needs to be synchronicity for this to happen. You would have had to share in something similar. The point I was hoping to make and open a discussion about is how certain historic but traumatic moments have happened and they seem to static and form a singularity (I hope I’m using that word right). So, just like with trauma where you can have flash backs and emotional flashbacks. There seems to be these moments that shaped us or human history that have power and influence over us, enough so that we can be drawn back into them whilst still experiencing what we perceive as the “present.” If these moments are connected to us, as with emotional flashbacks to our trauma, we may not be aware of its affects because we try to connect it to what is going on in the present. But, what I am really talking about is the synchronicity with the collective unconscious or shadow, where these lessons can be shared through time and through synchronistic emotional flashbacks where there seems to be archetypal meaning applied to the events themselves and projected back.

Do we just have archetypes there or do we also have memories stored there? . Can this be because (some) memories are stored somewhere in the collective unconscious?”

I think all memories are stored in the collective unconscious along with the archetypes and the collective purpose of humanity for humanity.

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