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Hey Bera. Thanks for taking the time to watch the video. I know it’s heavy but I needed to give some background or I didn’t think I could make any sense of the synchronicity. I think it is interesting about the tarot cards and I’d be curious to see them.

I think I might know what you mean from this:

“So maybe everything that exists is just content of one mind, let’s say the Mind. And then the conscious part of the Mind is the inner experience of every person, what we see, what we think, what we believe etc. and the unconscious part of the Mind is everything else…like literally everything else, the whole Universe. And all unknown things also become parts of our consciousness and hence of the conscious part of the Mind when we see or otherwise experience them. So, there might be no “mirroring”. There might just be things happening at the same time in the same place/mind…place-mind actually because it’s just one thing :)). But we don’t see them this way, for us they look like external things and internal things and synchronicity seems to happen when something external is mirroring something internal. We say “as above so below” but there is no above and below, no duality.”

At first I was thinking this reflected a difference between the Fe with Ni view vs the Fi with Ni view, but “as above so below” would mean what we think within ourselves we reflect upon the world. I do think that synchronicity is interpreted this way. To me, I really feel like there are different ways of synchronicity. I do believe that our unconscious is connected to a grid of all human consciousness and this is why we are all connected in such a way to experience synchronicity and universal truths. We are also connected to the shadow of humanity as well 🙁 It is like a Dark/Light Web.

I think the first kind of synchronicity is the synchronistic “meaningful coincidences” we all experience from time to time. Then there is the self-reflective type, which you are describing, where we are interpreting a moment in the present with a connection within ourselves, which is linked to something in our past. Perhaps it is something familiar but it was forgotten at some point or even repressed. The third type I believe to transcend time as we are experiencing it. When experiencing this type of synchronicity I have found that it seems like I am experiencing something in my past or something in my future simultaneously, whilst feeling the present is not real. It has such a grip that I feel like I “lose time” within this synchronicity and also there is a profound emotional response to it. It doesn’t always have to be related to me personally. For example, movie scenes can trigger something similar to this third type. A good example might be, while watching “Invictus” during the prison visit scene. I felt my teeth chatter, my eyes burn and tear, tasted the salt, smelled this wet sea salt-aquarium mustiness and with it came elucidation of what he was feeling emotionally and physically. It stayed with me for a few weeks and it very much  felt like I was there. I think I have said this before but I believe trauma opens us up to synchronicity in the sense that we realize time does not actually exist and we can choose to accept or reject the ability to explore the collective shadow and use it as a means to retrieve the aspects of ourselves or messages/lessons of others that were lost.

I don’t know how well I clarified anything. I have read a little of Carl Jung so understand this is just me trying to explain through his key terminology.

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