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@bera, yes there is a sort of non0duality in the inner and the outer. I have tried to understand my experience and give intelligibility to what I saw (the one Mind had been postulated by the ancients and I think modern mystics). I myself don’t know what is going on (that is the delicious mystery in it), but definitely, once I started seeing the mystery and the pervading spirit in my conscious world/universe, I felt and saw that it was concurrent with my Se development. Here are some unstructured thoughts I wrote down, just in case it sparks anything insightful in you.

Your psyche in the brain simulates the information outside in your conscious reality (color is not outside in the material world, we experience color and therefore color is psychic content).

Conscious reality is generated/filtered through cognitive functions, so your cognitive structure affects conscious reality.

For example, Blind people who can see again don’t see the world as we see normally see it, it’s all jumbled and unstructured (all perception and no structure/order (p v j).

Therefore, conscious reality is also ordered by our psyche.

“Spiritual language” and “archetypes” and now “CT” is the only language we have to understand the structure/phenomena/movements of the psyche.

The Spirit is substantial and yet also without material or form, it is the essence of essence itself. The Spirit is a psychic “glue.”

Jesus wanted to bring people to the spirit.

The “spiritual parts” of this simulated world is the spirit.



-Your soul is reflected in reality.

The “spiritual parts” of this simulated world is the spirit

Conscious interaction with the world is spiritual and material.



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