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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: ll-l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

@auburn – lol! Well put XD

I don’t see her energy as actually being Ji tho. She has too much oomph! If that makes sense? I know several FeSi irl with 3 or 4 functions conscious. The III- dev can seem a lot like NeTi, the IIII dev can be super confusing and in certain moments even look like SiFe or TiNe with conscious Si o.0 But what always tips off their Je-leadness is the degree of energy behind their gesticulations, and how their composure comes across. What I see in the Queen is she is subdued by having both introverted functions conscious, but that articulator energy still comes through.. you can see it in her face, she’s *on*, her extroversion is engaged in the environment, giving her a lot more ‘presence’ than a Ji-lead would have. Also she picks up into articulation quickly and easily compared to how a Ji-lead would struggle, despite an introverted containment of posture and elongation of expressions, she’s still dynamic and snappy!


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