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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Seelie

OMG, @bella, your view is so similar to what I thought I saw too !

I will post my arguments below because it’s really funny, as if we had talked about her typing. 🙂 I thought she is FiNe I-II, similar to Joan Baez.

Queen Silvia was the hardest for me and I can very well be wrong. At some point I couldn’t tell either of her axes and compared her to a lot of people on the site.

Because in the video you gave us she is standing and is moving a lot but she still gave me the overall impression or an Fi lead, without me being able to say why though, I looked for other videos. Especially videos of her when she was younger, since I find it more difficult to type older people.

Now here she looks like a seelie delta reviser. The Si deer in headlights look is identifiable, I think. The area around the eyes is relaxed. The eyes are big, round and innocent looking. She has a snarling smile and is pretty giddy and bashful, I think.

Now to determine if she is J or P lead…

I think this shows she has a rigid posture and her hand movements are small and close to the body, softly demonstrative, combined with some Ji meticulousness. Her snippy head nods and general decisiveness seem to indicate developed Te under an Fi baseline. I think the slowing down of the Te moves comes from Si being conscious.

I think the closest to her is Joan Baez. They have very similar voices, very similar tempo and hand movements, if you put them side by side using the app.

Te development probably helped her becoming a militant for the protection of sexually abused children.
I also saw her talking very nicely about her family and her husband’s ancestry, which made me think of her at least valuing Si.

It starts at 0:46…she explains who was the lady in the painting.

I think here she has the fixed gaze with dulled eyes and a bit of inertia.

Now I have no idea if this is actually correct but I wanted to post it because of the similarity to what you saw. We also watched some of the same videos. 🙂

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