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@bera @bella – Oh,  I hadn’t looked at those other videos of him, but my argument in the Doc is essentially refuted by those gifs! What I said is that…


He appears to have a very heavy eye-centricity (his gaze is always forward and persistent) but things get a little more complicated when he starts gesturing.



^ Je Head Nods/Shakes

Now, taken in isolation this might suggest TeSi but the quality of the GIF above is not as crisp as the TeSi ones are. There is still a smallness to the verticality of the head movements.

They don’t engage in the full commitment to face-centricity, but instead remain tethered to the eyes and how they connect down the neck/shoulders.

There is a “hooded” element to the Pi-lead doing Je head nods/shakes, almost as thought there was a ceiling right above them and they’re trying not to bump their head. But by contrast, the TeSi ll– has no reservation to his left-right and up-down head movements:

TeSi ll– James Cameron

This analysis is essentially reversed by the presence of gifs like:

^ Where we do see a full commitment to the verticality of head movements characteristic of Je-leads. And the ones in Bella’s vid like:



These and other moments indeed seem to cross beyond the SiTe ll-l type’s vultology, and are squarely indicative of TeSi. I think, if I had seen these other vids, I might have come to agree with TeSi as well. It appears I rushed the final reading and didn’t look thoroughly enough. (gotta walk the talk, eh?)

Anyhow I’m switching my typing of him to TeSi… but I understand the vid I provided was itself not representative, so I also mislead everyone else who typed him as Si-lead. :facepalm:

Learning lessons!

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