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  • Type: NeTi
  • Development: ll-l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

——–Notes on my Errors——–

Queen Silvia: Correctly identified as Adaptive Fe-lead, acknowledged the possibility of FeSi I— and FeSi II– to myself, but did not look at younger pictures of her (d/t her advanced age in the sample video) as I should have done, and as Auburn did in his explanation. I also did not properly weigh the extent to which her Pi was conscious and active, leading her away from baseline Je-rigidness with its frequency and movement.

Marina Diamandis: Initially typed her as NeTi II Adaptive (and even wrote a paragraph justifying this conclusion), but second-guessed myself and submitted TiNe II– Adaptive. Will need to keep studying the Type II– Reviser/Conductor dynamic, as the differences between Type II Revisers & Conductors seem exceedingly subtle.

Bart Ehrman – Failed to account for Ne development in my typing; will need to re-examine the PiJe II-I’s to better grasp the subtleties at play in this development. Will also need to re-evaluate my criteria for Fe>Te, as I correctly identified a very present and active Je (I strongly considered JePi as his base type). I acknowledged the possibility that his Je head shakes were Te, but concluded Fe>Te incorrectly and based on faulty Fe>Te gesticulation criteria.

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