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  • Type: TiSe
  • Development: llll
  • Attitude: Directive

Addendum: In the video I posted above, I was still intoxicated by the release and flow of energy that I had attained, in which I can see/feel now how that marks the difference between a “compressed” and “uncompressed” consciousness (that is why I am so joyous/free in the video). However, now that I have settled into my “uncompressed” consciousness, it seems like my “core” energy is still Ti-Ni, flowing into Se, then into Fe and that I sometimes feel “blockage” (and that is when I know something is wrong). Meaning that an emotional problem (as has been the case for me) can “block” the free release of both my Se-Fe (more Fe than Se). I think this is tied to how I attained my development, as this is also mentioned in the article on function consciousness (though I can’t find where) on “regressing” to a previous developmental state. I got my development through delving deep into emotional/self-hate problems and therefore I have to keep that realm “free” of emotional blockages otherwise back I go to “compressing” my consciousness. I wonder what other people who have IIII development have to say about this and whether they experience the same thing ( @rondo and @faeruss ?).

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