Oscillations Hierarchy
Conduct (J+/P-) Revision (J-/P+) Compression (J-/P-) Decompression (J+/P+) Formulation (J+/J-) Synthesis (P+/P-)

“Formulation” refers to the oscillation of information between J- & J+ in the management of objects. The oscillation can be compared mathematically to the conjunction between values (J-) & vectors (J+). It is called Formulation because the conjunction of an object-identification process and a causality-oriented process creates systemic vector simulations of phenomena within an idealistic theoretical structure. Vectors (J+) and their relationships to one another are understood platonically (J-). This causes model-building to occur since vectors and their relationships to each other are defined within a type of perfect, monistic description (J-).

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