FiNe ll–

FiNe ll– Seelie Female


Compilation (watch full screen)

Here we see the full spectrum of reviser energy, including bubbling momentum, a lightweight swaying, perk ups and a fluidity of motion. It’s subtle at first, but quite distinct from the l— development above. In this ll– we see the body still retains a Ji “core” which the body returns to after every movement. The head and arms may venture off momentarily, but always deflate back to an inactive cornerstone. This is the key difference that separates it from the NeFi ll–. Compare this development against the NeFi ll– below: (spoiler, Regina Spektor is actually NeFi ll–, not FiNe ll–! more on this in the Purge post…)

As you can see, the NeFi’s movements roll from shoulder to shoulder, swiveling from side to side. The arms flail out more and with less deliberation. Moments of pause are intermissions, rather than a return to the norm. Inversely, the Ji-lead posture always still carries a semblance of premeditation, and everything returns to an invisible –yet delicately held– vertical line positioned along their spine. I realize this is a qualia description, but I hope it helps convey the difference? Here is a GIF comparison between FiNe ll– and NeFi ll–:


^ Here we see a starting place of Ji …a transition into a P sway… and a return again to Ji


^ Here we see a more complicated set.

a) First she starts in Ji…
b) Then Pe sway + Je juts…
c) Then takes a breath in Ji mindway through the GIF..
d) Then Pe sways…
e) Then lands back in Ji

Lets compare this to the movements of an NeFi ll– to parse out the differences between these two types as keenly as possible:


^ Here we see Ji energy clamping down native Pe, and making it stutter.
Regina’s Ji is not a place her body is returning to, but an energy that slows down her tempo which is much more quick to excite itself. Her arms and fluid, her head rolls from side to side. The overall manner of her body is not jutting forward (J) but leaning left-to-right. This is a helpful distinction a lot of times. J-leads will tend to have a forward focus to their movements, while P-leads have a lateral focus to their movements.

In summary:
– – Returning always to a core
– – Forward Focus
– – Intentional Hands
– – Clamping of momentum
– – Lateral Focus
– – Casual Hands


Topics of interest include:
– Vulnerability
– Authenticity
– What is Truth
– Philosophy (Existentialism)
– The Human Condition

These four have a lot of psychological similarities. Kimberly tackles topics such as religion, philosophy, selfishness, consciousness, and art. She is a singer. Kailia is a typologist who likes to explore the interiors of others through personal interviews. Recently she’s gotten more bold and opened up to the topic of vulnerability. Pine is into all of the above, as well as poetry, love/intimacy and lots more. Meredith Godreau, like Kimberly, is a singer and her songs also revolve around love/intimacy and being authentic to oneself. While the subject matter has some crossover with NiFe’s, it’s far more focused on individual self-expression, the personal mission to discover one’s truth/reality, and to embody that uniquely through art and philosophy.

FiNe ll– Unseelie Female


Zoe Kaiser is a lot more sassy with her expression and lacks the typical seelie energy, while retaining a strongly Ji-lead posture. She’s also a typologist and is focused on the self/self-discovery, although she’s removed many of her former videos. Ciscandra is also an artist; one that embodies the dark feminine aspect. Here are a few images of her:


She is a princess. We see a strong idiosyncratic style, tones of darkness (she is submerged) and melancholy. She displays some of the primacy of the human soul through her songs and music videos, being unashamed of chaos and pain. She’s also a very sensual creature, which is a motif I’ve identified with Fi. It’s not just Se that creates a degree of sensuality, but Fi does too by virtue of it’s contact with the emotional register.

She wears a lot of eye makeup and puts on enormous wings to make her eyes appear sharper than they actually are. Still her dynamic movements appear Ne, from what I can tell of her limited footage.

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