FiNe ll-l

FiNe ll-l Seelie Female


Here we start to get into the FiNe’s power. This vultology is double-extroversion within a Ji-lead center, so it represents the most energetic an FiNe can get. I had to check and double-check to make sure these weren’t mistyped because they come awfully close to TeSi’s.

Susan Cain is, I believe, introverted (as she famously claims of herself) but is modulating her function to the max. This itself makes sense considering that is her testimony. She talks about going into law (Te) and “trying to be” more extroverted, and coming up short. We can compare this vultology to another Ji-lead ll-l in TiNe Amy Cuddy:

^ As you can see, both have that J-lead “core” structure, plenty of Je gesticulations, while retaining reviser energy, and simultaneously being quite buoyant (Ne).
Coincidentally, Amy Cuddy is speaking to Susan Cain in this very talk.


Both of them are great IRL friends and share a lot of similarities. Amy Cuddy also struggles with being “present” in a world dominated by outer performance, and has had to train herself to be more animated. In essence, both of these women are operating at the modulated extreme of their potential, and at the same time speaking about that very topic. How to be more engaged. How the world demands so much participation. How to appreciate one’s alone time better. Etc.

It can be very challenging for a Ji-lead to “make it” in the world without a heavy amount of development, as Ji is not the most equipped to be productive or contributive to society. Ji-leads may face criticisms of being inefficient, ineffective, ghostly and recessive. But this is an example of the vultology that results when they rise up to the challenge.

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