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FiNe l-ll Seelie Female


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^ And here we see a different expression of 3 functions conscious.
This represents a different extreme, where Si+Te are both conscious within an Fi-lead, making them the closest possible to a conductor Delta.

Notice how there’s a subtle difference between these two and the aforementioned ll-l development level. Susan Cain and Amy Cuddy have a “jumpy” energy to them, which these two lack. Instead, they are just like Ingrid Betancourt in that they are settled, well paced, and relaxed. There’s a maturity to their movements that is not rushing into things, even though there is plenty of Je. And unlike the l–l developments, they are not glitchy or stuttery. This is because Pi removes that reviser doubt, and Je+Pi together exude confidence and coordination.

Yet, we still see a delicacy in Arianna Huffington’s gestures, a “core” they come back to, and a habit of gently receding into herself.


Huffington is very telling in her psychology. Just like Susan Cain and Amy Cuddy, she too was over-modulated for most of her life. She talks about experiencing “burnout” and collapsing from trying to attain the success-driven Western lifestyle. It’s through these efforts that she presumably developed her Si+Te functions.

Yet, a deeper analysis of her interior reveals that she is quite the Fi advocate of the feminine. With books like “The Female Woman”, “Maria Calla: The Woman Behind The Legend”, “The Fourth Instinct: The Call of the Soul” and “Gods of Greece” — she exemplifies an appreciation for the primeval soul. These are her earlier works too, which is important to note. As she got older she got more business minded until she eventually turned her attention to overthrowing the Te systems of the world. (“How to Overthrow the Government”)

She embodies the Edin myth and it’s antagonism against the dark side of the Edar myth; the impersonal machinery of society. Power games. Dominance. Industry. She advocates for a consideration of one’s personal health, personal value and dignity. A “prioritizing” of the individual, and the body’s needs. Again we see echoes of self-focus, at the expense of Je focus.

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