FiNe l-l-

FiNe l-l- Seelie Female


Here we have Ingrid, who is doubly introverted. It’s difficult at first to tell if she’s not just l— because it’s hard to get any more introverted than the l— baseline! But there are differences

FiNe l—
– Ji energy
– – – return to a core
– – – micro-jitters
– Reviser doubt
– – – Very light swaying
– – – toggling

FiNe l-l-
– Ji energy
– – – return to core
– – – micro-jitters
– Pi energy
– – – inertial sways
– – – less toggling
– – – sense of certainty (not doubt)

Si adds a “settledness” to the energy. The look of confusion is replaced with one of “knowing” and an aged maturity. Conscious Si keeps the Ji poise but takes away the reviser energy to some degree. The vultology appears calm, collected and forward facing, rather than child-like and ephemeral. Compared to the above FiNe’s Ingrid seems like more of an “adult” or a mother, and this is because of senex energy.

Yet it’s not so strong that we would cross over into SiFi territory. So here is where a demarcation must be made. (another spoiler; Fred Rogers is SiFi!)

^ notice the absolute inertia of Mr.Rogers. He has no Ji energy, or core. His eyes remain fixed forward, his every head shake has a gentle confidence to it, and he appears all around like a Wise Old Man. There’s a creamy, conductor delivery to his nods and juts. This is a conductor energy which Ingrid has a little of, but nowhere near this level.

The core distinction between FiSi and SiFi can be made, once again, through the presence or absence of that Ji “core.” Ingrid, despite having that settled energy, is still deflating back to a private core every few seconds. Here is an example of the differences via GIFs:


^ Micro-jitters.. leading into a head tilt… and then a Pi eye-drift with Ji disengagement + light toggling
It’s hard to see, but her Ji disengages down are being combined with Pi eye-drifts, so that when she goes into herself, she partially also remains open-eyed. But her energies are still very much receding from the environment and into a private place. We can compare this to Mr.Rogers:


^ Pi eye-drift… Ji momentum halt… then another Pi eye-drift with a fixed gaze forward

Here we see what a moment of Ji looks like when sandwiched between two Pi signals within a Pi-lead. You’ll notice that Mr.Rogers never loses his composure, and his entry into reflection (Ji) is marked only by a slowdown of inertia, but not really by a disengagement of the eyes or a loss of condcutor energy. He remains ever settled, confident, mature. Now this is very very subtle but take another look at Ingrid’s GIF… and watch how at the last second of the GIF, Ingrid gives up her composure. She’s being mature but at the last second, she enters into reviser doubt. There’s a genuine re-evaluation and a suspension of expertise as she goes into herself. Her eyes do a light toggling action, and her head tilt is more inquisitive than Mr.Roger’s.


Psychologically, Ingrid is also very much a Ji princess. Most famously, she was referred to (in an ill way) as a princess by one of her fellow hostages when she refused to be stripped of her dignity and stood firm by her identity despite living captive in the jungle for years. While her fellow hostages were willing to cooperate for the sake of survival, Ingrid would sink her Ji heels down in moments of entitlement to life although it risked upsetting the guards and punishing the whole crew. After her release, she ultimately feels that is what helped her stay alive.

On a more personal level, she believes her home country needs to change their ways as a nation, but that the change must start from within their hearts. This is a very inside-out (Ji) approach, rather than an outside-in approach like what we see with Je. Ingrid is Catholic, is very fond of her family, her roots and also shows an appreciation for little Si comforts too.

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