FiNe l–l

FiNe Seelie Female


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Here we see what an appropriate level of Je development looks like in the FiNe.
This is comparable to what we’ve seen with TiSe’s and TiNe’s that have a developed Fe.

The body remains recessive, delicate and poised, but with exerted Je pushes coming out, as well as a lot of attention placed on articulation.


Psychologically, these two are not the most matched to their vultologies. I’d expect some type of engineering talent or science focus, but instead both are into more individualistic and intimate topics. This further verifies what I’ve suspected, which is that ego varies separate from development. While they have developed Je, they are both Fi ego.

Here are just some of the topics in Claire Wright’s personal blog (click to enlarge):


^ As you can see, there’s a heavy focus on the self, knowing oneself, living by one’s light, and creating peace on earth.
I was most surprised to see that she also covers topics such as “Dis-identifying from pain” and “The Void” which are things I originally felt to be more Ti, but Pine has recently illuminated me to the fact that this “deconstruction of impurities” also applies to Fi. There is a vector to eliminate whatever isn’t essential. And Ti and Fi have different definitions of what is “essential”, but both seek that essence by the removal of noise or obstructions.

Vashti is quite similar to Meredith Godreau in the fairy-like nature of her songs, which touch upon the troubles and experiences of being human. Both of them have a very similar style to their music. Airy, whimsical, emotionally charged, melancholy, private. Both speak about relationships but also about the experience of living.

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