FeSi Vultology

Prominent Signals
  • Fe On-Beat Emphasis
  • Fe Emotional Shepherding
  • Fe Warm Swelling
  • Fe Exerting Effort
  • Fe Semantic Disclaimers
  • Fe Warm Head Shakes
  • Fe Warm Head Nods
  • Fe Directive Pushing
  • Ti Absent Tension
  • Ti Puppeteer Hands
  • Ti Delicate Pinching
  • Ti Stop-Start
  • J Rigid Posture
  • J Subordinate Perception
  • Si Dulled Eyes
  • Si Confused Stare
  • Si Slanting Edges
  • Si Concerned Concentration
  • Si Anecdotal Rambles
  • Si Indented Sockets
  • Ne Naive Eyes
  • Ne Relaxed Eye-Area
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