FeNi ll–

FeNi ll– Directive Male / The Lecturer


Compilation (watch full screen)

So here we see what FeNi looks like with Ni energy, which causes a lot of the “push” and vigor of Fe-lead to be toned down, but not at the compromise of J-lead poise and coordination. Every gesture still “hits” in a deliberate way. When the ll– type begins a Je gesture it’s as though there’s a premeditated “target” already in place at the onset. The GIFs below demonstrate this:

FeNi ll–

^ Fe Warm Swelling… landing firmly and deliberately, even if there’s a delay in the delivery.

^ Fe Warm Swelling… landing firmly and deliberately with a shepherding effect and a succinct point to get across.

NiFe ll–

Now I’d like to contrast this to the NiFe ll– types below:

^ Fe Swelling + P Casual Hands

^ Fe Swelling + P Casual Hands

Notice how for these there is still a P-lead priority which makes the body lack a level of poise or coordination. There’s a flailing quality present, seen be a degree of casualness to the hands. They move more horizontally, rather than vertically. The head also does not nod up/down in perfect tempo with the rest of the head, shoulders and body. And so despite the slowdown in the ll– FeNi’s, they have a coordinated tempo to their whole body which is very precise and timely.

This is actually precisely the same as the SiTe vs TeSi distinction, with the difference being less about how much energy or “Je” is being put out and more about how it’s being executed. Oddly enough FeNi ll– may be less animated or riled up than NiFe ll– at certain moments, but the NiFe ll– will drift and sway their way through their Je gestures, guided by the eyes. Oppositely, FeNi’s will nurture and guide each Je “beat” through the entire start/end cycle within a vertical and spinal place of origin. I hope that makes sense; I realize it’s a little cryptic. It helps me to look at those GIFs above a few times ^ …going back and forth between the two sets.


Like the l— types, these guys also carry a message which is in some ways revolves around human nature, character, and personal responsibility or potential. Martin Luther King Jr is highly political just like The Humanist Preachers above, and he supports the cooperation of one another towards a more democratic world.

However, the other two samples show an additional layer through a closer integration of the P axis. In Bruce Lee and Cesar Millan we see a “coaching/mentoring” role characterized by a connection to a very somatic wisdom. Bruce Lee teaches his clients how to hone their body in order to achieve authentic self-expression through it. And listening to Millan’s philosophy for dog training, it’s about understanding dogs at the instinctual level by honoring them at that level within yourself; getting in touch with the body and projecting a body-presence over them that lets them know your rank in the hierarchy. Millan teaches people how to talk to dogs through non-verbals, through their presence, stance, how much space is taken up, how long delays last between motions and commands — the building of tension, the release of tension. Bruce Lee also speaks about presence of body, and the removal of language-talk (i.e. not thinking in terms of “styles”) and a return to a kind of instinctual intelligence and and tactile grounding.

FeNi ll– Directive Female


Compilation (watch full screen)

As with the samples above, we see in Oprah the same rigid and on-beat pattern despite the inertial delay to her tempo:

Yet again we see a focus on human character, transformations of heart, maximizing personal potential and “becoming.” Oprah is an oracle in much the same way that Cesar Millan and Bruce Lee are. All three specialize in some personal domain. Oprah in the emotional world, Lee in the connection to the body, and Millan with the connection to our inner pack animal/leader. So unlike the l— types who are more generally political and spend their time debating on podiums, the ll– developments appear to spend more time in the mentor or counselor chair, translating their tools-of-the-trade to a class or workshop. This is part of the senex energy, which is the imparting of wisdom from master to pupil.

Nonetheless, it seems both l— and ll– developments are perfectly capable of being mentors and life coaches, even if ll– lends itself to a more teacher+disciple dynamic.

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