FeNi ll-l

FeNi ll-l Directive Male


Carl Sagan represents the maximum degree of introverted energy within an FeNi, with both Ni and Ti being conscious. His tempo is slowed down just like Bruce Lee and Cesar Millan, but his delivery is also delicate in the Ti way. While a ll– development type has a slowed down pace, there is still usually a ‘force’ and impact to the gesture. However, Carl Sagan has the pace of an ll– type, but the meticulous delivery of the l–l types. We can see this in the GIFs below:

^ Ni Inertia + Ti Delicate Pinching

Here we see a J-lead rigid posture, but with a heavy dose of Pi inertia… executing a Ti delicate pinch accentuation.
Another GIF that shows a different conjunction is this:

^ Ji Eyes Disengage Down + Pi Eye-Drifting + Pi Inertia

What we see here is the combination of the eyes disengaging down while also going into a drifting zone-out. This is very similar to NiFe Humberto Maturana who also has Ni+Ti. Also, I picked these GIFs to show the maximal level of Ni+Ti impact, but a more global analysis of all his videos shows a clear Je-lead priority and certainly a very crystallized J-lead rigidity.

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