FeNi l-ll

FeNi l-ll Directive Male


Now just as we’ve seen with the TeSi l-ll, the same thing occurs when a Polarized FeNi has conscious Pe, leading to a kind of hyper-jitteriness. Peterson falls into the same category as Elizabeth Warren and Camile Paglia, but on the Beta side of things.

As with the l–l developments above, you can see the Ti signals very strongly in his:
– Ti Puppeteer Hands
– Ti Neutralizations
– Ti Absent Tension
– Ti Technical Glitching

But you also see:
– Pe Bubbling Momentum
– Pe Restlessness
– Pe Eye-Toggling

^ Je Gesticulation + Ti Technical Glitching + Pe Momentum

And so Peterson has all the same Ti poise and delicacy that we see in the l–l types, but is also really amped in some moments. His energy swells and as it swells it fills with reviser doubt. For example, he struggles to get words out, his eyes toggle all around, his head looks upward (i.e. at 0:47) and he fiddles his fingers and words forward (in a very Ti+Pe way), all the while coming through a Je-lead forcefulness. It’s fascinating to see the combination in the GIF above.

Also, unlike the slow and methodical Carl Sagan above, Peterson is always thinking on his feet (revising) and re-framing his own thoughts according to how best they fall into the newly rising conversation. Sagan, on the other hand, feels like he’s got this beautifully written script in his head which he does call forth in real-time but which also seems to be pre-encoded (Pi) and ready for translation.

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