FeNi l-l-

FeNi l-l- Adaptive Male / The Pickup Artist


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Double extroverted energy. A combination of Je-lead forwardness with Pe loose body swaying and momentum. This conjunction can be encapsulated in the following GIFs:

^ Je Hand Gesture + Pe Momentum & Loose Swaying

^ Je Gesticulation + Pe Momentum + Pe Perk Up

There’s a spring in their step, a bit of a suave or sassy energy, but it’s all being crafted and coordinated through a Je-lead body. Like the ll– types above, the spinal priority is never really lost and the entire presentation still emerges from a place of deliberation. It is as if these FeNi’s use Pe for “effect” and in order to embellish their otherwise more rigid Je persona. One does not get the sense that they are genuinely loose and aimless; quite the opposite they seem in control and in command but their Fe charisma uses Pe as a tool for delivery.


– Smoothtalkers
– Charmers
– Hyper Masculine Persona
– Pickup Artistry
– Entertainment / Comedy

Will Smith capitalizes on his Fe+Se charm in many of his acting roles, such as Hitch. Shemar Moore players a similarly flirtatious and suave character in his acting roles. And these qualities follow them outside of the acting studio. However this types range goes beyond PUA. The combination of Fe+Se also allows for a generally dynamic range that is fit to toggle many acting roles and high-pace situations. We see this in Michael McCrudden who is a bit of an analog to the TeSi Prolific Media Generators.

FeNi l-l- Directive Male


Compilation (watch full screen)

Now the difference between the adaptive l-l- types and directive l-l- types is analogous to the difference we saw between the two in the l— development. Adaptive l-l- types are suave, jovial and charismatic in their use of Se. However, Fe+Se + Directive creates a different, more delinquent energy as compared to “The Pickup Artist”. Jocko mentions loving a career with machine guns, and he has a naturally combative personality. Denzel is known for playing thugs in all his most famous films, and DJ Khaled is part of that same scene.

FeNi l-l- Adaptive Female

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