FeNi l–l

FeNi l–l Adaptive Male


What we see here is conscious Ti within the container of a lead Fe process. All the meticulous qualities of Ti are added to the fingers, complete with Ti pauses and disengagements, while offering no real loss of composure, resolve or compromise to his “settled” energy.

As you can see ^ the pauses become part of the earnestness and even the build-up and timing of their coordinated presentation rather than awkward stutters or intermissions as happens with Ti revisers. Unlike the Ti-lead types who appear to have a level of drifting suspension from reality and a doubtful, open-ended demeanor, the FeNi l–l types remain still rooted in conductor energy.


Ocean is describing himself through the I+N+F temperament, and also as Ji + F attitude. It’s always curious to hear people share their subjective accounts because of how they’re saying the right things but don’t have the right language to frame it. I think he is certainly right in describing himself as one who seeks to find the core essential ethics that underpin humanity and which re-manifest themselves through time. But this would be the convergence of Ti+Fe: both of which are conscious in him. It’s cases like this which I have deep sympathy for, since if you’re coming from MBTI there’s really no way to differentiate it from Fi and no other category but “Fi” for you to affiliate to.

FeNi l–l Directive Male / The Moral Philosopher


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Here we see the same conjunction of “confidence”, “coordination” and delicacy embedded within their body.
Just as with Ocean we see the same conjunction of Ti under the settled energy of Fe:

^ Ti Delicate Pinching ..happening from a core conductor energy.

^ Ji Meticulous Hands …again from a settled conductor composure.


We see perhaps the epitome of a Directive Fe philosophy in Malcolm X. Very much like Cesar Millan –who understands the tribal/pack nature of human nature and the need to respect and hone that dangerous power within us– Malcolm X did not see it unwise to use force if force was called for in the name of justice. We see the same acknowledgement of the dangerous, violent soul of man within the philosophy of Bruce Lee and how his teachings were aimed to channel that inner power and anger. It’s once again echoed in FeNi Jordan Peterson who reiterates the importance of viewing yourself as a creature capable of extreme darkness and malevolence, and to hone that ability and instinct.

FeNi’s can be quite dark, it seems. But often that philosophy is centered around an unapologetic realism regarding the rawness of life, of struggle and power dynamics. Malcolm X died before his philosophy was fully able to mature, as it was on its way towards a more integrated path by the end of his life.

Francisco Varela used Ti in less political ways and more towards understanding human nature, the nature of life and consciousness (as are common motifs for the FeNi). However, he displays a far greater heady precision in his articulation and built a Ti scaffold to hold the conclusions he came to. What we see in all three of these samples is a very carefully crafted deductive framework — which is what we would expect of conscious Ji.

FeNi l–l Adaptive Female


Compilation (watch full screen)

I don’t have much insight into these two quite yet, but this section will be expanded in the future.

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