EST – Extroverted Sensing Thinking

EST – Extroverted Sensing Thinking

EST is a temperament that emerges when — whether by nature or modulation — the Extroverted, Sensing and Thinking attitudes of personality are exalted, and the Introverted, Intuitive and Feeling attitudes are depreciated. EST is not a type, but an overarching disposition that reflect what cognitive aspects a person’s focused on at this stage in their life.


The EST is proactive, driven and rationally-minded; loving a challenge and enjoying also the feeling of success. The EST has a talent for analyzing where the situation is at each moment, and what it’d require to shift slightly toward a better trajectory. They are energetic and charismatic – although not necessarily the most sociable; often preferring their hobbies over other people. At core the EST seeks to discover and bask in the most refined sensational experiences, and to live life at full throttle.

The Doer

The EST naturally comes with a lot of energy that needs to be channeled into some pursuit or interest. They can become easily bored or restless if they’re not doing anything. They will feel an absence of thriving when idle, and will need to be working towards something or engaging in some tangible activity. They’ll often channel this energy into fitness, martial arts, or sports which engage all of their senses and mental attention. Others channel it into entrepreneurship and in growing their own brand/business. The EST has a very physical grasp of reality and loves to crank up the dial to maximize the output. Whether that means an extra 50 push ups, another two laps around the track or another four hours after work – the EST can become addicted to the dopaminergic rush of achievement. However, this same overachiever tendency can backfire and cause them to overwork themselves. Their body may collapse under the pressure or mental stress as it fails to keep up with their pace. In the worst scenario, the EST may override these limits with stimulants and substances – pushing themselves beyond their capacity at the expense of long term health.

Thirst for Life’s Pleasures

But for the EST, “work hard” is followed by “play hard.” Once out of the office, their energies focus on positive and heightened experiences. More than any other temperament, the EST understands how to carefully orchestrate a situation and put on a good time. They use their rational mind to calculate risks and optimize the ergonomics/sensations of an activity. Recreation for the EST revolves around freedom from restraints; to feel a rush of wind on your face, a roaring engine or the sensation of free-falling. Drag racing, motocross and other extreme sports may be appealing to the more daring EST’s. But not all EST’s are daredevils, with many also achieving the same elation in the simple comfort of friends at a kickback. Some become connoisseurs in wine tasting or cooking – while others enjoy creating music, art, skating or dancing/choreography. No matter what the medium, the EST enjoys engaging with their craft and appreciating the little things. A life without simple pleasures will seem dull and lifeless, and they’ll often quit occupations, relationships or interests that can’t satisfy that need, or which actively stifle it.

No Bullshit

The EST is very factually oriented, being skeptical of unfounded ideas, wild speculations or any hokey beliefs. The EST has the highest faith for the objective and observable. They are mechanically oriented and experience everything in life in terms of cause and effect. This can sometimes make them appear blunt or matter-of-fact, as they speak their mind about the realities they see with little effort to walk on eggshells. While the EST enjoys having a good time with people, he will generally avoid putting up with people’s emotional baggage. Their own emotional problems may also be swept under the rug as they instinctively avoid facing the confusing mire of the heart. They’ll prefer to exist in a sate of dispassion and with a level head on their shoulders, but this apparent level head can often be a facade masking deeper repressions. Being so objectively oriented, the EST may unconscious play out their repression in the external world – pursing a life trajectory guided by unresolved emotional contents; seeking somehow to satisfy it with pleasures and things.  It may take a hard life lesson or someone very special to open them up and awaken an awareness in them of what they truly desire.

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