ENF – Extroverted Intuition Feeling

ENF – Extroverted Intuition Feeling

ENF is a temperament that emerges when — whether by nature or modulation — the Extroverted, Intuitive and Feeling attitudes of personality are exalted, and the Introverted, Sensory and Thinking attitudes are depreciated. ENF is not a type, but an overarching disposition that reflect what cognitive aspects a person’s focused on at this stage in their life.


The ENF temperament is idealistic, romantic, impassioned, motivated, proactive and in tune with the energies of life and the environment. The ENF looks at the events in life as existing holistically, where the influence of one thing carries over into many others – and we all exist in this symbiotic relationship with what’s all around us. They are able to shift their perspective and view situations in unusual/unique angles; often with a spiritual undertone. More than anything, the ENF seeks to find their path and live it fully – heart, soul, and body.

Living Life Meaningfully

ENF’s don’t just want to survive; they wish to thrive. Experiencing profound love, connection and having impact in the world is vital to their personal health. For the ENF it’s often not enough to get by and do well; everything must follow from a greater meaning or universal narrative. They are idealists who are also aware of what can be done to improve situations, especially as they pertain to other people. Some may be yoga instructors, while others are spiritual life coaches. They may become missionaries and travel the world, experiencing different cultures and learning their insights. They often exude the contagious aura of a healer, which may cause others to gravitate to them. Yet despite their sometimes radiant presence, it takes them work to sustain it and they’re not immune to discouragement and personal difficulties. The ENF exists in a constant spiritual battle to remain emotionally and mentally aligned. Life is full of tragedies, and the ENF has an even more profound recognition of it than most. This deeper feeling is what allows them to empathize with people and animals, and it often acts as the fuel behind their activism.

Understanding Energies

Delving deeper into that connection to the environment, “energy” is a topic that often saturates an ENF’s attention as a force persistently sensed, although they may not always understand what it is. In trying to grasp how this sensed force works, many ENF’s will experiment with reiki, others with emotional tapping, some with chakras and others with healing crystals – in order to try to channel this energy positively in their lives. The ENF intrinsically understands that there is some ‘current’ running beneath things and wishes to decipher what this current is. Many ENF’s will experience the Law of Attraction powerfully in their lives, and will be able to bring about their desires in a magnetic way if they focus intently on them. This can sometimes give them a psychic undertone, as they may also be able to intuit things about people by reading their energies. They may be attracted to archetypal symbolism, psychology and the the arrangements of society. Fantasy narratives may be especially captivating and anything else that resonates with the primordial human soul.

We Are All Connected

As with the INF, the ENF is an empath. To some degree they will share the physical experience of other living beings, including their joys and sorrows. The ENF is highly sensitive to positive and negative emotion alike. In the worst case scenario, their psychic connection will even cause literal bodily pain and chronic stress to accumulate. If this empathy is strong in the ENF, their sensed affect may not stop at the pain felt by the creature in front of them but will span a broader context. They may worry about the greater ailments and injustices of the world – and take in the world’s pain as their own. Many ENF’s were involved in the cultural revolution of the 1960’s; the spirit of the ENF naturally resounds with concepts of inclusiveness, love and humanitarianism. It can be difficult for the ENF to avoid holding a feeling that “if the world is not happy, I’m not happy” which may plague them with an unresolvable crisis – as the world’s problems are far more than what any person can handle. Focusing too strongly on this absence of ideals can undermine the positives in their own lives. Accepting that we can’t help everyone, and learning that we must instead do something to help those closest to us, is an essential step of growth for the ENF.

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