Computational Vultological Behavioral Mythological
Dm- Radiating / Distracting DeltaFiNe Daman
J- Reactive Rigidity Ji – Compass Prince / Princess


Computationally, Dm- refers to the cognitive architecture of a person whose psyche begins with D for their formulation, is followed by M for their synthesis, and is energetically oriented towards reactivity (-) due to native-state definitional processing (J-). As with all configurations, Dm- is capable of producing every conceivable thought or opinion. However, every thought and product that follows from the Dm- architecture will go through this specific computational pathway, leaving the signature of its activity in how every idea is formatted.


This signature can be identified in multiple ways depending on which layer is being analyzed. A the computational level it can be identified by examining the implicit ontological biases present across the aggregate of their thoughts. The implicit ontological biases of this configuration are:

  • Formulation D: Abiotic Objective Truths (D+) for Biotic Essential Ontologies (D-)
  • Synthesis M: Allocentric Concentric Emergentism (M+) as Universal Chronology (M-)
  • Orientation (-): Reactive (-), Definitional Processing and Essentialism (J-)
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