Layers of Emergence
Computational Vultological Behavioral Mythological

Computation is one of four domains of the Cognitive Typology Model. The purpose of this domain is to create a functional cognitive architecture that can describe the interactions of cognition in a way that accurately simulates what the vultological data demonstrates. Under the theoretical framework of embodied cognition, a set of neural network modules is reversed engineered from the aggregated effects of the human expressive profile — with the most prominent signal clusters being represented as mental operations connected to the embodied modules (eyes, hand gestures).

Currently, the first version of this architecture is still being programmed. Once the architecture is programmed, it will be tested using simulation data, to see if it adequately reproduces the effects we see in the vultological and behavioral data. As the data grows, the cognitive architecture is edited and refined according to what the new data demonstrates. If you have experience with A.I. and neural networks, and are interested in working with us on this project, message us through our contact page.

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