Oscillations Hierarchy
Conduct (J+/P-) Revision (J-/P+) Compression (J-/P-) Decompression (J+/P+) Formulation (J+/J-) Synthesis (P+/P-)

“Compression” refers to the oscillation of information between J- & P- in the management of objects. The oscillation can be compared mathematically to the conjunction between values (J-) & coordinates (P-). It is called Compression because the conjunction of a value-defining process with a coordinate-locating process causes objects to become more finite and constricted in their numerical range with each oscillation, until they solidify into the most compact and definite form possible. Rather than taking in new information, every oscillation cycle is devoted to deciphering the values and coordinates of the existing objects and their sub-objects. Thus, compression leads over time to the most specificity and density of information.

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