NeTi Vultology

  Prominent Signals P Fluid Posture P Eye Centric P Ongoing Movements P Subordinate Judgement Pe Alert/Wide Eyes Pe Bubbling Momentum Pe Body Swaying Ne Naive Eyes Ne Relaxed Eye-Area Ne Strong Eye-Toggling Ne Scattered Tangent Hopping Ne Indiscriminate Correlating Ne Buoyant Undercurrent Ne Diverting Gaze Ne Parodies Ti Absent Tension Ti Puppeteer Hands Ti […]

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SiTe Vultology

  Prominent Signals P Eye Centric P Fluid Posture P Subordinate Judgement Pi Inertial Energy Pi Fixed Gaze Pi Diagonal Eye-Drifts Si Indented Sockets Si Dulled Eyes Si Confused Stare Si Slanting Edges Si Concerned Concentration Si Anecdotal Rambles Si Body-Swaying with Ne Buoyancy Te Off-Beat Expression Te Avalanching Unbroken Articulation Te Horizontally Split Cheeks […]

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