Je: King/Queen & Ji: Prince/Princess

King/Queen & Prince/Princess To understand why Je and Ji are designated as the King/Queen and Prince/Princess respectively, we have to unpack the archetypal qualities of these two characters.  But before that we have to explore the connection between politics, royalty, and J. We must see how politics and royalty are – and have always been […]

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King, Prince, Senex, Puer

The Articulator: The King/Queen THE MORAL CHARACTER: Passionate Competitive Dominating Aggressive Prideful Exacting Critical Self-Challenging Success-Oriented Unyielding Devoted The King is always striving. There is always “something that needs to be done” and they are in the place/state to do it. Whether the person is of any real status or not, The King spontaneously self-proclaims […]

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