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November 4, 2017 | By Auburn

Please Note! This article is outdated, as the data used in this study was gathered before the recent refinements via the transition from a 64 subtype system to a more robust 1024 resolution system. However, this pilot study will be kept here until a newer study is done with better data. Thank you.

Can we tell what career someone will likely work at, based on an analysis of their vultology? A statistical breakdown of our 530+ visually categorized samples demonstrated considerable trends in career choices based solely on a vultological analysis. The study confirmed that individuals with the same (vultological) primary function accounted for between 25.9%-55.6% of the demographic pool in 10 of the 14 career categories containing more than 20 samples; up to four times the median value. This supports the hypothesis that vultological type does carry implications related to interests, occupation and aspects of personality – as visual analysis is able to anticipate domains of interest with considerable predictive power.

It is staggering to imagine that the distribution of our workforce could be determined by a quick analysis of faces and body mannerisms, but according to a pilot study conducted on 12/31/2017 that appears to be the case. This pilot study is among the first of many to come which aims to provide empirical support for the existence of Types.

For the full statistical report, take a look at our publication.

Prominent Trends

There are many nuggets of truth to be discovered here! But here are just a few of the most significant statistical correlations found:

Significant Statistical Patterns among the 8 Types:

  1. Of 43 subjects in Comedy, 39.5% were Ne types.
  2. Of 36 subjects in News, 50% were Te types.
  3. Of 36 subjects in Activism, 38.9% were Te types.
  4. Of 31 subjects as Authors, 35.5% were Ni types.
  5. Of 27 subjects in Politics, 44.4% were Si types.
  6. Of 27 subjects in Life Coaching, 55.6% were Fe types.
  7. Of 25 subjects in Modeling, 36% were Se types.
  8. Of 18 subjects in Mysticism, 50% were Ni types.
  9. Of 13 subjects in Trivia, 61.5% were Te types.
  10. Of 9 subjects in Fashion, 44.4% were Se types.
  11. Of 8 subjects in Philosophy, 50% were Ni types.

Significant Statistical Patterns among the 16 Types:

  1. Of the 39.5% Ne types in Comedy:
    32.6% are NeFi
    7% are NeTi
  2. Of the 50% Te types in News:
    25% are TeSi
    25% are TeNi
  3. Of the 38.9% Te types in Activism:
    25% are TeNi
    13.9% are TeSi
  4. Of the 35.5% Ni types in Authoring:
    29% are NiFe
    6.5% are NiTe
  5. Of the 44.4% Si types in Politics:
    40.7% are SiTe
    3.7% are SiFe
  6. Of the 55.6% Fe types in Life Coaching:
    33.3% are FeSi
    22.2% are FeNi
  7. Of the 36% Se types in Modeling:
    36% are SeFi
    0% are SeTi
  8. Of 50% Ni types in Mysticism:
    33.3% are NiFe
    16.7% are NiTe
  9. Of the 61.5% Te types in Trivia:
    61.5% are TeSi
    0% are TeNi
  10. Of the 44.4% Se types in Fashion:
    44.4% are SeFi
    0% are SeTi
  11. Of the 50% Ni types in Philosophy:
    25% are NiFe
    25% are NiTe

The domain of comedy appears to be saturated by Ne-lead types; individuals like Brian Williams, Jim Carrey, Kristen Schaal, Conan O'Brien and Jonathan Ross. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Politics appears to be highly dominanted by Si-leads (mostly SiTe) at a rate of 44.4%. Mysticism appears to be powerfully tied to Ni-lead types (specifically NiFe types) at a rate of 50%! The domain of Life Coaching and mentorship appears to be dominated by Fe-lead types at a rate of 55.6% (split 33% to 22% between FeSi and FeNi) and the Fashion industry appears to have a very high representation of SeFi's at 44.4%.. and the list goes on.

This confirms that the CTVC is making the appropriate predictions according to what we might expect from the psychological types first described by C.G. Jung. As this was just an initial pilot study, a more dedicated effort will soon follow to re-test/verify the conclusions outlined in this first look.

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