Arcane Series
August 18, 2017 | By Auburn

The Arcane Series

This series is an exploration into the intersection between cognitive typology, psychoanalysis and spirituality. It is not possible to have a complete theory of the human psyche while omitting mythology, religion and spirituality from the equation. When we address the matters of the deeper psyche, the labcoat must be hung, the shoes must be taken off and we must contend with the reality of the soul in its own language. Carl Jung rightly understood this language to be symbolism. Through symbols and narratives --such as we encounter in dreams and active imagination-- we gain access to insights that escape any other medium and are irreducible in form.

Psychological Characters

Although they can also be described in a technical form, the contents of the psyche appear to us as characters, forces and energies. Each psychological aspect in us has a voice, a personality and an agenda. Together they create a complex inner drama; a narrative or myth that can dominate our lives as these sub-personalities pursue their aspirations within us. We are not one voice, but a choir. Each of us has different sides vying for their place and wanting to take the entire body where it wants to go. The following is an overview of the characters and myths which emerge from each of the psychological aspects in CT theory:

Archetype Myth
J Order Divinity
P Chaos Nirvana
Je King / Queen Rule
Ji Prince / Princess Purity
Pe Puer / Puella Freedom
Pi Senex / Crone Wisdom
Fe Aler Myth of the Hero
Te Edar Myth of the King
Fi Edin Myth of Sacred Life
Ti Alin Myth of the Void
Ne Mer Myth of the Puer Aeternus
Se Ver Myth of the Trickster
Ni Vin Myth of the Cosmos
Si Min Myth of the Earth

Axis Myths:

Archetype Myth
Ti/Fe Ale The Myth of Void & Flame
Fi/Te Eda The Myth of Nature & Machinery
Si/Ne M The Myth of Wanderlust & Home
Ni/Se V The Myth of Presence & Immanence
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