Aims & Ends

Aims & ends refers to the etiology and purpose of the Judgment and Perception systems. We possess both of these systems as cognitive organs to achieve very different tasks. The two poles of each J and P oscillation serve a common purpose, and this common purpose is grounded by the way that both poles comprise a single system.

J – Aims & Ends

General Aims: Perfection, Idealism, Order, Control, Omnipotence.

The methodology of the J system can be described as formulation. However, its aim can be described as –conceptual or physical– control and order. It is to conceptualize everything with absolute precision (J-) and to use that absolute precision to execute perfect actions (J+). Perfect action is not possible without perfect precision of objects, thus the two seek perfection in movement through semantic perfection of objects and vectors. The ends of the J system are ideal knowledge through a formulaic understanding of the universe, its purpose, mechanics and nature. A representational structure that completely describes everything, and is thus able to move everything in purity and truth, is the end and aim of the J system.

P – Aims & Ends

General Aims: Experiential Completeness, Unity, Omnipresence.

The methodology of the P system can be described as synthesis. This article is not complete.

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