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Hi there, welcome to Cognitive Typology. This project is an effort by a small research team dedicated to understanding how cognitive processing creates our visual expressions. Following in the footsteps of Dr. Paul Ekman, the pioneer of the universal link between facial expressions and emotional states, we ask the question: does the correlation between internal experience and outward expressions extend to other mental activities such as abstract visualization, memory recall, language processing, articulation and cross-contextualization? We still have a lot more to learn, and this research project is still in its infancy, but I am happy to share what we’ve learned so far.


Cognitive Typology was introduced by my co-founder Renee Bayard and I in 2016 with the publication of Cognitive Type: The Algorithm of Human Consciousness as Revealed via Facial Expressions, after five years of research and development. And while the initial publication contains the essentials of this new theory and its application, there is much to do to standardize a methodology that can verify these concepts at the academic level. We intend to bring these ideas into peer review with the collaboration of various academic bodies in the near future. For now, please bear in mind all ideas presented here are experimental. Your participation in this research project will help broaden our understanding of this phenomenon and pave the way for its wider implementation. Thank you.

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