Twin-Shades Mandala

The twin-shades mandala is an ever-expanding web of associations between people. The aim of this project is to catalog the broadest range of diversity within humanity, and to organize people into a lattice based on cognitive-visual similarities. Using modeling software, the team members take their personal databases and combine them into this web; organizing the typings by twin-shades to produce a structure that mirrors the true shape of the human race.

Basic Principle of the Mandala

While it’s true that there are an infinite number of shades which can emerge from the sixteen types, the more shades we count, the smaller the difference becomes between one shade and another. The sixteen types capture the biggest general points of contrast between human beings. In this way, the human tribe is simultaneously infinite in its diversity, but systemic. Think of it like this fractal below, where every nodule represents a shade:


The expansion of the human race follows a mandala pattern, where it becomes possible to say that “we are all unique” as well as to say “we all fall somewhere along a continuum”. It is also possible to quantify this continuum in detail, which is what this project is about. Using mind mapping programs such as mindmeister, this page will eventually be updated with a ever-evolving diagram of this Twin-Shades Mandala.


This mandala could be used as a reference for discovering what other personalities may exist of a similar disposition to ones we’ve come across — and also to learn about how those similar people behave and act, or what career choices they’ve selected. The twin-shades mandala will be a great resource for comparisons and associations of types that go beyond the 16 categories, and can get as specific as possible with what sort of advice or discoveries they bring.

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