The Lab

Welcome to “The Lab”; a small experimental pod dedicated to testing typologies in ever-more quantifiable ways. Here we design hypotheses and tools which can aide in the discovery of insights into human nature.

Via the initiative of Nemvus Productions, we are committed to exploring the topic of typology in both an experimental and holistic way. But as with all studies, real science takes lots of funding. Below are some of the proposals for studies we are currently working on. Help us expand the field of typology into an actual science.

EEG Brain Waves & Type

Inspired and modeled after Dario Nardi’s pilot study on the connection between brain activity and MBTI type, this study would use the same conditions and procedures to test for parallels between the brains of those who have been typed using vultology. This study would test a multitude of hypotheses at once such as whether the Judgment-lead and Perception-lead vultology distinction translates over to greater use of the Fp1 and Fp2 regions, respectively. Another hypothesis to test is whether proactive (E) and reactive (I) body postures and energy levels translates over to brain activity, as speculated by Nardi. A third hypothesis would be to test whether signal clusters (such as the ten basic signals of Fi) correspond to the neurological use of a certain region or of a certain brain wave pattern.

  • Materials: EEG Equipment purchased, gels and electrodes pending
  • Status: Waiting for a formal written hypothesis and full materials
  • Funded: $900 (of approximately $1200)
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CTVC Webtool

In order to provide the whole world with access to both test the hypotheses of cognitive type and to discover their own type, and that of their friends/family, we have a developing proposal for a webtool that can calculate the 110 signals through timestamping and output a probable type. By using the 110 descriptions and videos in the CTVC page as a reference, anyone can quickly learn to use concrete vultology. Furthermore, the creation of this tool would allow for wide-scale analyses of many samples and the creation of statistical charts. It would ramp up experimental productivity and also allow for CTVC to be used by other laboratories with greater repeatability.

  • Materials: PHP Software, CTVC 110 Videos
  • Status: Pending
  • Funded: $175 (of approximately $600)
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Cognitive Type Collection

Cognitive type is not a typology model to be applied at a conceptual distance, but designed to describe the diversity in experiences and body rhythms of average people. As a proof of concept, which is not dependent on celebrity figures, we have been gathering volunteer videos into a collection that serves as Cognitive Type’s own “personal database”. Anybody can volunteer their sample into this database, and from this database CT can conduct further statistical research. Our immediate goal is to reach 50 samples by the end of the year, and 100 by July of 2017. Our long term goal is to attain 1,000 volunteer samples from which we can make strong statistical conclusions. And if after submitting your own video, you would like to support this project further, you can also send in video interviews of your family and friends. Help us truly investigate this elusive field of typology and bring it into the scientific domain.

  • Materials: Videos
  • Status: 11 volunteers
  • Funded: N/A (courtesy of volunteers and the video editors)
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