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Fi Ego

You are a private, independent minded moralist who is ever aware of how certain actions positively or negatively affect personhood. You take an interest in the individual, and the ability for people to manifest their unique gifts and nature. You strive to discover and be your most authentic self, as much as possible, even if that leads to bizarre looks from others. You are someone who’s ever exploring the essence of being human from the inside out. You feel a calling to investigate and express the nature you uncover, often in raw and artistic forms, and to celebrate diversity.

You are an ethicist who desires to protect the autonomy and equal representation of each individual. Feeling that every iteration of human has its own integral value, you feel a poignant distaste for targeted transgressions towards people, especially when the mechanics of a system undermines certain identities. You may identify as a feminist, an advocate of the LGBT+ community, an animal rights activist, a humanitarian and advocate of planetary conservation. You dislike any attempts at conformity or social laws that aim to homogenize people beyond what is simply proper respect for others. And the sacredness you feel toward human life extends out to other living things; considering it amoral to violate anything with the capacity to suffer.

You place yourself in the position of other living things, through a type of empathic projection, and aim to understand them from a first-person motivational perspective rather than from their outward comportment. In doing so you resonate or differ from the essence of others. You will note the generosity in people who appear outwardly calloused and harsh to others, or who do not behave according to the norms of culture. Inversely you can also feel high levels of malice for people who seem outwardly kind to everyone else, and may find yourself gravitating toward or away from people from this private reading of their underlying motivations. Who you affiliate yourself to, then becomes a very personal matter, and can comprise quite an eclectic assortment of people.

Fi Conscious

You are an analytical person who is very particular about your beliefs, especially as they relate to morality, justice and the integrity of personhood. You will have a private sense of self and tend to notice when others violate those inner-felt believes both of your own intrinsic value and that of others. You may be an advocate for the individual, and dislike any attempts at conformity or social laws that aim to homogenize people beyond what is minimally necessary for civility.

While you seem stoic, inexpressive or guarded on the outside, internally you will feel a great deal of sympathy toward the violation of ethics. You may be a supporter of the feminist movement, of the LGBT+ community, or fight against human trafficking, the cruel treatment of animals, the environment or any helpless minority that is being trampled by the system.

Those who know you best know you to have two modalities you alternate between. You can be giddy, bashful and entirely sensitive/vulnerable with those you feel an open emotional channel with. Or you can switch to being aloof, chilly, passive-aggressive and haughty. The modality you express depends on how well you feel the other person’s energy resonates with you at a given moment. Because of this, you may be seen as moody or finicky by others who don’t always understand the sudden shifts in your temperament.

Fi Subconscious

At first glance, people may not see you as the warmest or friendliest individual. You often lack the tact, grace or energy to give others of yourself in a radiant manner. But you have selective tastes and certain people you like, and with these people you can be exceptionally generous – often in financial ways. You often show affection through acts, as its difficult for you to be outwardly vulnerable.

As such, when you do or give to others, you may do so with a blank expression and unassuming nature. But those who know you best understand that you are far more kindhearted underneath than what appearances show. You may have an ethical side to you and care for generally overlooked and helpless populations – such as foster children or stray animals – and may feel inclined to help provide for them if the opportunity comes along.

Fi Unconscious

You are an emotionally unavailable individual; difficult to crack and not very outwardly accommodating or responsive. You fret little with the affairs of others nor do you participate in responding to them emotionally; remaining overall rather stoic in character. That is, until something unexpected upsets you in a way that surprises even you. Your own lack of awareness of your emotions leads them to take hold over you in combustive bursts, sudden sulky moods or vindictive acts. If you decide that someone is not worth bothering with, you will cut them off without a second thought, and move forward. In your stoicism, there is little loss or reason to bemoan the matter.

However, with just as little awareness, you may find yourself suddenly crying or laughing uncontrollably and loudly as certain situations ping your heart. What these heart-melting things represent are a mystery to you, but one which remains a fascination for you, as they allow you to experience rare moments of radiance and life.

Ti Ego

You are a rational being, driven to question reality and everything within it from the most fundamental questions. You are philosophically minded, and aspire to understand the universe and the phenomenological from very first premises, which cascade downward into a perfectly symmetrical and consistent series of deductions.

You enjoy taking apart every concept by questioning its underlying assumptions; viewing life as though from an outsider perspective. Detachment is an inherent part of your being, and you have a seamless ability to evaluate a situation as though you and all your biases were entirely outside of the picture. However, the conclusions you find in this state can be very impractical, as they may neither aide or facilitate your life or wellbeing.

If taken further, you may question the underlying assumptions, rituals or ethics of your native culture – leaving you with a void when it comes to proper comportment in life. Human life can appear entirely arbitrary, as you reason that all justifications we make for our ways of life are fabrications. You are susceptible to linger on the existential question and swerve into the realm of nihilism. But in other expressions, you may find peace in a non-invested philosophy. You may deeply appreciate the detachment of zen, and live a minimalist’s life.

Ti Conscious

You are an analytical person who likes to study the world from a detached place, looking for the subtle distinctions that create our sense of reality. You enjoy clarifying your understanding using language, pursuing the most semantically accurate explanations of phenomena. You can be highly philosophical in your thinking and have an ability to evaluate a situation as though you were an outside observer; allowing you to view problems from a relatively unbiased angle.

You have an investigative mind that likes to question the underlying assumptions of ideas and reformulate your understanding from first principles. Starting from this renewed foundation, you build your new truth-paradigm to be as internally consistent as possible.

Precision is something you highly value as much in thoughts as in your crafts and projects. You may be a perfectionist, taking the time necessary to manifest exactly what your mind feels is right. While this can make you slower and more methodical than others, the outcome of your labor is often a far more polished production; whether that be an essay, a presentation or a work of art.

Ti Subconscious

You have an active avoidance to thinking too much about the deeper questions of life, existence and Purpose. You find it far easier to simply “live” life, rather than to spend your time thinking about life. You’ve found that the more you ruminate on these matters, the more your mind falls into unproductive, negative and lifeless thought trails.

When looking at a situation too dispassionately, you feel as though your mind begins to cut away life’s meaning. As such you feel there is something deeply incorrect with reductionist thinking when applied to life or people. You feel as though life is not reducible to such sterility of logic, and aim instead to incorporate humanity, compassion and significance into everything you do.

But outside of such topics, you have a love for logic and for understanding the world in a granular way. You enjoy learning about the subtleties between things and giving names to the various aspects of reality, to gain greater agency in your interests and self-expression.

Ti Unconscious

You are incessantly drawn to action, articulation and forward movement. You find it difficult to sit still in complete silence and evaluate your life from a deeper place. You cannot be alone with your thoughts. Questions that probe your reasons for being/doing/acting can be depressing, as you may be actively avoiding your own failures or lack of explanations.

You have spent your life building or achieving, and at root may not know to what end it’s all been. Your inability to slow down and reflect on what you’re doing causes you to be overbearing, marching forward tactlessly in the world and failing to listen earnestly to you inner self or even to others.

Fe Ego

You view humanity as a family in which we all have an intrinsic connection to one another – as well as a shared narrative of joy/pain and a moral obligation to our fellow man. You believe in the ability of everyone to make a difference in the world, and wish to be a force towards that difference. You admire courage, valor and perseverance in the face of hardship. You believe strongly in a person’s ability to “become” what they want to be by pursuing their aspirations. And while you may know you’ve got your share of flaws – you strive as much possible toward a greater Good, whether that be spiritually or personally defined.

You admire bravery, leadership and often find yourself landing in that position as people notice your infectious charisma. You’re able to measure, in a dynamic and real-time way, what would happen to the energies of people if certain things were said – and you can calibrate your presentation to deliver the desired effect on others. Because of this, you can open people up in ways nobody else can as you say just the right things to unfurl their guardedness; helping them become receptive towards growth. You have a transformative energy, and feel it the greatest privilege when you can guide others into transformation.

However, at times people may see you as overpowering or bossy when your desire to impact others positively is not met with equal receptiveness. In some situations, your directiveness can be condescending and critical; leading to unwanted impositions on other’s feelings. Finding the balance between being nurturing and not overwhelming is an ongoing learning exercise for you.

Fe Conscious

You’re able to measure, in a dynamic and real-time way, what would happen to the energies of people if certain things were said – and you can calibrate your presentation to deliver the desired effect on others. Using your accumulated understanding of human nature, you become a sort of diagnostic entity for the pulse of an interaction, and can steer it into more positive outcomes based on how you know people respond to certain energetic influences; applying or removing pressure/tension/direction here and there.

This can lead you to be charming, likeable and suave – or to present whatever aura you want to project. However, at times you may find yourself overdoing it, as the energetic demands of the moment imply or require a certain character from you that is misaligned to your temperament. You may be prone to yield to this pressure and play the role of for the sake of overall harmony, obscuring your true personality in the process.

When not overpowered by these pressures, however, you use your ability to bridge the gap between people and find a way to highlight the commonalities we share. Your overall aim is to achieve harmony and mutual understanding, and you can be a highly needed source of diplomacy when reconciliation seems impossible.

Fe Subconscious

You have limited emotional energy; often possessing far less social stamina than those around you. More than a couple hours interacting in the same space with others can leave you physically drained. Not knowing how to navigate yourself in the social realm, you resort to playing a chameleon role and emulating what you know to be conventional and appropriate as best as you can. However, it will often come across as fake/overdone or lackluster to others. You feel both a nagging awareness of all expectations, but an inability to manifest the necessary force or energy.

Because of this emotional strain, you become very selective in who you choose to interact with – often choosing people closer to your temperament. You prefer the company of those who can stimulate you intellectually the most, and will avoid any logistical situations that demand group participation. You are prone to disappear from the social radar, as maintaining connections is not your strong suit.

Fe Unconscious

You have an active resistance to participation in social etiquette, or the yielding of your internal composure in any form to what you sense the environment wishes to hear. You like to speak dispassionately – if a little mildly – the truth as you see it, however insensitive it may feel to others.

You may distrust speakers who choose to aggrandize their views with zeal and charisma, seeing it as an artificial inflation of an otherwise far weaker rational position. You prefer to discover the truth through careful investigation and are rather immune to persuasion by any other means.

You may have a reputation as a mute, and some may see you as the invisible student at the back of the class. Your demeanor can appear lifeless and your mannerisms/posture will be somewhat awkward and intermittent.

Te Ego

You are a strong personality; opinionated, direct, and somewhat militant. You tend to think in a very logistical manner and can see the consequences certain actions will have based on the economics of the situation. Over time you’ve learned to use this understanding to plan the best course of action; building an effective life for yourself that gets you close to your ideals.

You are capitalistic, believing in meritocracy and free enterprise. You believe people should have the capacity to construct whatever they can manage from their own labor, and claim complete rights over their productions. And your own process-oriented rationality gives you agency in that respect, as you can be rather business minded and can quickly develop an understanding of how systems operate and what’s needed to bring certain ideas into implementation. You can be competitive in your interaction style, and enjoy a healthy level of one-upmanship. You may be described by others as harsh on those that are less fortunate, seeing them as lazy and unable to thrive in life. You don’t see why you or anyone should carry their weight – and prefer people be independent, self-possessed and self-sufficient.

You enjoy keeping things organized, having a sense of structure, and may be rather spartan in your household arrangements; keeping it polished away from anything not advantageous to your aims. You don’t engage in too much frivolity for the sake of it; everything you do has a purpose to you, and ironically you may even be purposeful in your leisure/fun, fitting it appropriately into your routine.

Overall, you’re a very logically minded individual, often taking interest in the sciences or engineering. The mechanics behind nature, the universe or any system can be a great source of fascination, and you enjoy finding the objective truth behind life. You have little tolerance for niceties or mincing words. You like to be frank and you speak your mind with ease. However, others may see you as overly blunt and emotionally insensitive. This has sometimes caused problems in your social affairs, but you’ve learned to seek the company of those who can appreciate your honesty.

Te Conscious

You have a rational mind that likes to understand the “how” of things; the relationship between input and output. You’re naturally driven to understand what these variables in the world are and to have agency in moving processes forward to generate desired outputs. You have a rather scientific mind, and may enjoy subjects such as mechanics, engineering and programming. You may discover an affinity for numeric equations, calculations and subjects like physics. Some may see you as nerdy – a label you may take as a compliment – as you pursue your bookish projects, often in business and entrepreneurship.

You can be very pragmatic, preferring to define reality by what can be confirmed to be true in an applicable way. You think rather empirically about things, and like to tie conclusions down to what matters to you in the world and how that can help you improve the logistics of life. Compared to others, you have a fair deal of tolerance for managing tasks and know how to power through with perseverance if you know your goal is on the other side.

Achievement is one of your favorite rewards; you get a little rush of dopamine from each success and can tend to be a busybody because of it. It may be difficult to exist in an idle state, as you begin to feel a failure to thrive. But despite your managerial tendencies, you enjoy your play as well and you have a very off-beat sense of humor.

Te Subconscious

You may struggle to perform well in the logistical or corporate world; to “get things done” or to anchor yourself into a productive lifestyle. Far more prone to float freely between tasks, you are generally lax about order or logistics in just about everything, except a few key things which you may be very particular about.

These little compulsive quirks can be anything from being annoyed by improperly arranged DVDs, needing to having doors closed behind you or have your clothes arranged by color even though the rest of your room is a mess. However, your organizational abilities are severely lacking outside of basic day to day tasks.

You may have daydream aspirations to build a future for yourself – whether in business or enterprise – and you feel certain organizations/charities would benefit the world. But you are overwhelmed by the insensitivity of the system which does not cooperate to easily produce what your inner idealist wishes would already exist. You have a distaste for bureaucracy, the shenanigans of politics and rote or unnecessary tasks.

Te Unconscious

You experience an oppressive relationship with the machinery and systems of life, which grate against your nature and forces a level of submission and conformity you feel is suffocating. You believe imposed systemic order is overall toxic to human wellbeing. You may have anarchic tendencies, and feel humans ought to live with one another not through mutual exploitation but through love and compassion.

You despair over humanity’s inability to operate in ways you believe are ethical and just. However, you feel equally restricted in your options to change the of the world, as your own logistical ability is faint or nonexistent. You are not a very task-oriented person and find it difficult to invest your already minimal energies into productive solutions. Others may see you as incompetent, overly idealistic and fixated on impossible outcomes.

Ni Ego

You experience reality in a timeless manner, viewing everything as an unbroken continuum between prior events, all things here today and yet to manifest. You are holistic in your understanding of the world. Everything is relevant in some way to everything else. And to you, this moment is but one bead in a long chain spanning into the past and future, propelled forward into predetermined outcomes through a global inertia and unseen but undeniable forces. You may resonate strongly with spiritual topics such as meditation, the law of attraction, karma and synchronicity – using them to gain a better understanding of what these longstanding forces are and how they are woven into the causalities of the world.

You’ve often developed a reputation as a “seer” among those who know you best. You can make a lot of conclusions from a few points of data, as every impression you experience is felt as arising from a pattern even though this pattern may only be partially understood to you. Some may describe you as fatalistic, but you feel that others underestimate the causal weight behind certain governing dynamics. You feel that superficial appearances can be deceiving, and you aim to discover what lies behind the scenes or out of plain sight. The specific moments you come across in life are far less important to you than the fractal realities they emerge from, and which you archive daily to form a greater and more accurate map of how the world unravels.

However, you sometimes lack the ability to imagine alternatives to your singular vision, seeing certain things as inevitable. Because of this, whenever the target happens to be outside of your predictive range, your suspicions may seem like unwarranted superstitions or conspiracies to others. This can be especially challenging when you lack the words to communicate the dynamics at play and how they bring about the current landscape and state of reality. You may speak in very poetic in cryptic language as you struggle to give articulation to the highly interwoven panorama you experience.

Ni Conscious

You are someone who likes to perceive reality by tracking the evolution of themes; whether it’s in your personal social group or on a global level. You hone your perceptive focus around how a few facts can be responsible for wide reaching impacts, and you use subtle sensory details to read into bigger and more longstanding patterns of the world.

Without much effort, you relate all inputs into a mental plot graph and intuitively draw a line of best fit to project the trajectories of different platforms. And when things happen as you anticipated, you may remain unimpressed – as the impact of the event already happened for you internally at the moment the trajectory was first calculated. You are rarely without an intuitive suspicion about where a certain field will go, and have a general appreciation of how every field of life affects all others in a holistic way. You have a steady and settled perspective of the world which gives you a level of resistance toward the chaotic and spontaneous. You prefer to be methodical, focused and are selective about your impulsiveness.

But you may also have a somewhat esoteric bent and find yourself exploring the continuity between the psychological and the physical, the personal and collective, or the societal and the aeonic. You have a more specialized understanding of certain topics, and in these fields your sense of prediction can be very keen or seem almost clairvoyant to others – while you see it as nothing magical; just what is obvious to any who has been paying attention to the facts in a similar manner.

Ni Subconscious

Your experience of the present will be difficult to synthesize within a consistent schema. As associations are brought to mind by the present, they will be incomplete – often connecting things together in muddled or criss-crossed ways. This may cause erroneous projections of outcomes and a general confusion about the future. When you try to rationalize using a broader global context, your ideas will get farther and farther from reality the more you elaborate.

You may find yourself avoiding certain things because of superstition, or refusing to try new experiences because a bad feeling looms over the thought. A single bad sensory experience can cause an irrational avoidance of an entire genre or topic. As you struggle to form a panoramic view of how life’s larger causalities functions, you may find yourself tinkering/playing with esoteric domains, feeling there is something there; unseen but interweaving seemingly separate events together. But ultimately you will feel very little control over the experience, its interpretation, or what emerges from it.

Ni Unconscious

You live your life with a notable divorce from any past or future context. You have a hard time escaping the immediacy of your experience or slowing down enough to grasp the wide-scale effects which result from this moment. The metaphorical and mysterious are not topics you like to dabble with; preferring to deal only with what you can clearly sense. You have little tolerance for flowery speech or prose, as they only obscure and over-complicate the reality that is obvious and right before you.

You can be impatient, restless and fidgety; needing some animation at all times. Some may see you as being shallow or vain; having little to say outside of your immediate tastes and interests. You compensate for this lack of foresight with quick adaptation to the situation, but this approach will be quite taxing and ultimately imperfect. Your lifestyle will inevitably lead to logistical problems due to a lack of anticipation, causing repeated mistakes and violations of social laws.

Si Ego

Those who are closest to you may know you to be an “earthy” person. You have an appreciation for the subtle textures in life, the heartfelt investment of your energy, and for the simple joys that can be found every day when we look for them. You put yourself into your work and you have a deep appreciation for what you have come to build and nurture. You have an appreciation for the wisdom of time. Others may see you as an old soul.

If you had to pick, you’d say you’re more of a tortoise than a hare. While others are quicker and flashier, they also burn out faster, while you endure the seasons. You’ve likely seen many people in your life do things too rashly, and are often offering your advice on how people can learn to create the future they desire with a bit of patience and pacing.

You have a nostalgic sense of taste, and have a tendency to feel strong affection for familiar and symbolic places/sounds/music/sensations. You have a few secret hideaways that you keep close to you – and you like to share them with those you love. You may be a lover of the countryside, and have (or have thought about getting) a house away from the business of the city. You like to “set roots” wherever you land. You don’t feel good about being uprooted too often, and prefer to build up a place where you have the freedom to add your personal aesthetic. You may be known for your collection of knickknacks – precious rocks, coins or vintage items – and are a bit of a trivia expert or historian for the topics you enjoy the most.

Si Conscious

You understand the world as a series of interlocking puzzle pieces and you like to find those pieces that fill the gaps in your present understanding. You enjoy learning, and are a collector of information, whether that’s in books, textbooks, world history, maps or trivia. You always try to form a larger and more cohesive map of life by adding more layers to your collage. When thoughts come to you, your way of contextualizing them is through noticing their similarities to other things you’ve encountered (“I read a book on a similar topic to that”) and you use this intuitive correlating ability as a spring-board for further expansion and elaboration.

You often explain your thoughts to others using anecdotes, lessons or stories. Your own firsthand exposure is something you don’t underestimate and you use these anecdotes as a guide for your navigation through life. Using these lessons, you position yourself prudently in the present and safely into the future. You aren’t too quick to dismiss the advice of others and often give advice yourself; participating in the mutual exchange of wisdom.

You can be somewhat sentimental and nostalgic, having a few things that have followed you since childhood and remain grandfathered aspects of your personality. In many ways, you are drawn to the simple, subtle and familiar. Others may experience you as a stable place to return to; homey, mellow and constant.

Si Subconscious

You have an impressionistic registration of information and memories. Literal data such as facts, times or places, rarely stay in focus for long. After a moment passes, the conceptual imprint left behind by them soon dissipates into the unconscious, where it takes an ambiguous form. Because of this, multiple repetitions are needed in order for new routines or habits to be formed. Tasks have a tendency to be performed in a rote manner without meaningful engagement or connection to the practice.

As you traverse life, you are guided toward or away from certain objects or places by this visceral sense of familiarity. In other cases, anxieties will be felt toward certain situations and people which may seem irrational, confusing and unfounded.

Si Unconscious

Your attention to objects is fleeting, as you impulsively leap from one stimulation to the next; often forgetting the previous moment immediately. Some may describe you as inattentive, scatterbrained and undisciplined. You may invest a lot of mental energy toward certain endeavors, but may feel like there’s a hole at the bottom of the pan; what goes in soon goes back out.

You have a fear of being tied down too long or too often to certain ideas or places, and you may feel suffocated under the wing of an institution. You are a rebel, and both love and hate being unanchored. On one hand, it gives you the liberty you so desire in the moment, but it also limits your broader career options by disallowing a meaningful pursuit of any direction.

Ne Ego

People often describe you as a “dreamer.” You have a wild sense of imagination which enjoys making clever, spontaneous interconnections between ideas or things. You can find a way to juxtapose even the most disconnected concepts together, although the outcome may be amusingly ridiculous at times. You are a lively, animated, playful and curious person who has one foot in reality and one in wonderland. Sometimes you feel quite detached from reality, and enjoy remaining adrift between different speculations. You are free spirited and like to upgrade your perception of life continually. Because of this, you are also transient in both your interest/hobbies and attention; gravitating always to where your inspiration takes you next.

At times, your own energy can be too much for you to handle, and you may experience yourself as being scattered or unfocused. When the present moment or conversation brings associations into your mind, your attention branches endlessly from every idea – leading to a loss of the original thread. While this makes you an excellent brainstormer, it can also be debilitating and even paralyzing when confronted with a large task that requires linear focus and perseverance or rote operations.

You rarely disregard something as being impossible, and like to entertain notions, philosophies or even people which others are far more suspicious of. This accepting energy can be contagious, as you have a way of lifting away limitations from people’s minds through your optimism.

Ne Conscious

You have an ever-questioning mind which is addicted to the phrase “Why?” and you enjoy chasing thought trails freely to wherever they might lead (however absurd or unexpected). You like to churn hypotheses around in your head, and imagine new ways of looking at the world. You have a pluralistic approach to information, and like to interrelate everything in as many ways as possible. You carry a child-like sense of wonder always about you, which motivates you to look at things with fresh eyes and from rather unusual perspectives. You like to abandon convention and normalcy; experimenting in your own fantastical direction.

Self expression is important to you and you enjoy giving color/life/form to your imaginations. You are a creator; driven to manifest in some way the narratives and novelties you conjure in your mind. Your sense of creativity will often display a mishmash of different styles, or a unique style formed from this conjunction. Often we will find a witty, comedic levity in your work, as your nature is not the most weighted, and your energy carries a youthful playfulness.

However, your uniquely formed perception of the world can lead to an absentminded relation to reality, and a degree of naivete about how the world truly operates. You may become immersed in fictional worlds — whether in video games, books or media — and disappear from reality periodically.

Ne Subconscious

You often experience a level of confusion when presented with high volumes of information or the quick pace of evolving situations/trends/patterns. Spontaneity is not the most natural thing for you, and your attention is quickly diverted to familiar patterns and interpretations, rather than alternative theories.

When confronted with a truly new scenario, you may feel hesitant, lost and will begin to speculate imaginatively or suspiciously into the uncharted. These imaginations can be quite fantastical, often unreliable and fueled by superstitions. Because of this, if at all possible you try to find ways to connect your present to your existing memories, frameworks and concepts. This can lead to a self-reinforcing cycle of ideas, and stagnation in perspective over time.

You may not be the most playful of people, and can be seen by some as a little stiff. While you don’t intend to, you can clamp the dynamic flow of the environment with your more serious temperament and turn the attention of topics back around to less fantastical directions.

Ne Unconscious

You feel very uncomfortable questioning the underlying assumptions of specific ideas about life and your personal reality. You have an active resistance to change, and feel unsettled whenever the environment or situation shifts unexpectedly. When faced with a completely original situation or data, you may directly ignore the situation or aim to rationalize the data (through distortion) to fit a preexisting paradigm. This can allow you to be very practical in how you approach life, because you stick to a firm interpretation what the situation is like.

However, you may have a very narrow and static perspective of life and everyone’s place/role within it. Your reluctance to expand your paradigm into a more diverse and pluralistic perspective can often lead you into trouble with family and coworkers, as life demands a level of flexibility that is challenging to you.

Se Ego

From the rush of wind on your face to the rumble of a powerful engine, you are someone who loves vibrancy and the freedom that comes with tactile exploration. You are an edgy person with a magnetic energy that will pull others to you as they are drawn to your daring, sensational personality. You often act as a catalyst in conversations, and you enjoy instigating risky activities in your friend-group – sometimes being the first to try new things.

You are often the first to notice the subtle differences between colors, sights, sounds, or the ergonomics of something and can use this knowledge to fine-tune your experiences. As such, you can be a connoisseur when it comes to knowing the different shades/hues/textures of things, whether in music, fashion, cinema or any other medium. You are in touch with times & trends, intuitively picking up on what others are into and experimenting with the cutting edge. However, you’re by no means restricted by these styles, and can be a trend-setter yourself. You like to refine your sense of style and technique in order to fit your personal expression.

You can get impatient at times when not enough is happening in your surroundings. And your on-the-edge lifestyle can sometimes get you into trouble, as you occasionally cross the boundary of what’s socially acceptable or responsible. Still, you try to find ways to maximize your experiences within your existing situation, wherever that may be.

Se Conscious

Your way of taking in the world is nuanced; you’re always paying close attention to the little things which give an atmosphere the qualities it holds. You like to flow with the moment and you intuitively understand the vibes of a situation. You have a keen eye when it comes to colors, aesthetics and the movement of things. Your awareness of these aesthetics gives you an edge in understand the world of styles, music, fashion, and other related fields.

At times, you crave the zest of a rich and stimulating experience, and will enjoy a tastefully executed event such as the occasional wine tasting, a concert outing, a sports game or wrestling match. You like to dabble in artistic mediums/crafts, often picking up on the technique seamlessly through your ability to quickly adapt your senses to its rhythm. Arts that teach you to use your body in creative ways are especially attractive. You can’t stand a life without a little flavor. And when you feel bravest, you like to live life at max throttle, and can be quite the closet daredevil. You have a latent adrenaline junkie inside of you, which comes out at the right moments or with the right people.

Your style of play is jesting, and you like to be a little sensual and rowdy if it’s in good fun. At times this can lead to over-doing certain vices, or getting into trouble.

Se Subconscious

Your attention to the environment is intermittent, often lacking focus and engagement. From moment to moment, you are guided by a vague, impressionistic sense and you have a tendency to avoid heightened lights, sounds or discomforts. Connecting with your environment can be disorienting and you fit aptly into the Highly Sensetive Person (HSP) spectrum. Navigating reality becomes stressful, and you can become impatient with your own disconnect.

Because of this disconnect, you’re often forced to synthesize your situation using the few points of data you collect, leading to a non-situational responses to the present. You may hearken back to more stereotypical explanations of events or thematic assumptions rather than comprehending the situation for its present qualities. You’ll have an impulse to ignore what doesn’t fit these assumptions and revert to familiar hypotheses.

Se Unconscious

You don’t live in the present moment, and you have to try hard to engage with the reality around you. As you actively avoid new places and situations, limiting your interaction with the outside world (being by default suspicious of change), you come to depend more and more on a world which is largely of your own creation. You have a narrow band of information intake, whether it’s a single website, newspaper or small group of people. This can cause a runaway effect of intuition, where more hypotheses are created from previous ones – leading you to form very unique perspectives about life, significance and the universe.

This will cause a strong level of detachment from the world, where you may feel that you exist on a totally different wavelength or reality from those around you. This may cause great difficulties in day-to-day life, as you try to explain your perspective but manifest cryptically. As others lack the sensory context from which your ideas formed, it may be hard to tie your thoughts down to something tangible or relatable to others.

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