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This is a complete report of your type, with diagrams and percentages showing your unique vultological “signature”. Features of this product include:

  • A real-time annotation of 60 seconds of your signals on-screen: You will see what signals you are displaying at each second of the video to the left-hand side, including brief psychological descriptions of what is happening at that moment.
  • A Statistical Breakdown: You will see the statistics of how many signals of each function you displayed during those 60 seconds, complete with an octagonal diagram as well as a diamond diagram showing your use of the energetic functions.
  • A Psychological Analysis: We will write up a brief psychological evaluation of you, based on your displayed signals & speech. Although only 60 seconds will be converted into timestamps, the entire video will be reviewed to get an understanding of your overall temperament.
  • Your Type: You’ll receive an official typing according to CT theory at the end of the evaluation, based on all the above information. A custom link to your online report will be sent to the email you provide.

Please note that an analysis of 60 seconds is innately limited. Our vultologist will give you his or her best evaluation of your type within those 60 seconds, but this will only be based on the vultology you displayed during that time. If you are not properly representing your natural state in your video, this may be reflected in your results. For best results, please follow the guidelines below when recording your video:

Ideal Recording Conditions

The video should be between 5-10 minutes long. Have the camera capture you from the waist up. If possible, record it in an interview format where a friend or family member asks you questions, but if no second person is available that’s ok too. Lighting and quality is important: try to have clear lighting on your face and especially your eyes – and little or no makeup. If you are using a phone, position it in the landscape orientation:

Random Questions

It’s best if your answers to questions are not premeditated, in order for the video to capture the way in which you approach new information. To help with this, the following 5 questions are generated at random with each page view. Feel free to refresh the page anytime to get a new listing of unfamiliar questions.

Contributing Video to our Database?

It would greatly help our research effort to add samples to our ever-growing database. This will ensure that future typings have a broader context to draw from, and can also demonstrate the methodology of CT in action. By clicking the “yes” button you give the rights to use your video in future projects, listings and resources as an example of your type. If you select yes and later decide to omit your entry for whatever reason, you can contact our staff for support and we’ll be happy to help you out.


Your content will always remain private (shared only among the CT team) unless you select the checkbox to give CT rights to use your video as a type sample. If you’ve selected to keep your report private, then when you receive your custom report link you will also receive a password to access it, which you can share with any family/friends. This will ensure that your online report is only viewable to you and those you select.



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