Aiming for Repeatability

To ensure that our analysis of you is as objective as possible, we measure the consistency between our practitioners on a continual basis and make sure we have a robust level of repeatability.

We achieve this repetability by having a standardized criteria of measurement and clearly defined parameters for each of the 16 types and their many developments. This also allows us to teach new practitioners how to type according to our model and to reproduce our experiments at larger scales.

Setting Up Experiment

To conduct this test, a neutral third party randomly selects ten public samples with sufficient, properly framed and high-quality footage. He or she then sends this list separately to each practitioner, who review the samples without any communication from each other for the duration of the test.

The practitioners analyze the ten samples using the Vultology Code and Definitive Vultology resources as a basis, aiming to determine which of the 16 types each sample is. They then submit their results back to the third party who reveals the outcome after everyone has submitted their reports.

Calculating Consensus

There are four dichotomous items that are calculated when determining each person’s type. These are as follows:

Four Items
1 J Axis: Te/Fi vs Fe/Ti
2 P Axis: Ni/Se vs Ne/Si
3 J-lead vs P-lead
4 Conductor vs Reviser

As each sample represents four compounded items, a test of 10 samples has a total of 40 calculated binary decisions. The group consensus is then calculated as a value of consistency between the 40 items across the participants using the Cronbach’s alpha statistic.


We are currently in the process of conducting new tests, according to the Development Levels standard, and will report them here when completed. Please feel free to contact us here for more information on our methodology in the meantime.

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