Mer: The Myth of the Puer Aeternus

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The spiritual experience of Ne in a person I call Mer, as distinct from Ne the information metabolism process.

Mer: The Myth of the Puer Aeternus


The Puer Aeternus wishes to be absolutely unbound, both within its own movement and in what it perceives as possible. Because of this, the Puer/Puella Aternus will explore fantastically into the unknown with a diehard optimism. Wanna start a company that markets beanies that change color based on your head’s temperature, to indicate mood? Sure! Wanna change the world through cartoons, and start a political campaign entirely run off your music tour profits? Sure!! Make a living off of video games? I can do it!! Wanna soar to the sun using wings made of feathers and wax? Sure!!

..:: Icarus: Medaer ::..


Every Ne-lead is in some way a Puer/Puella Aeternus (eternal boy, eternal girl), and every type that is Ne-subtype is channeling their inner Puer/Puella. There is magic, mystery, and wide-eyed wonder. There is audacity, optimism and also hubris. There is in the Puer a claim to the impossible, with no regard for the actual. There is no wisdom, save for what wisdom there is in never giving up and always having hope.

..:: Puella Aeternus ::..



The puer is defined in mythology as the Divine Child, who represents potential for growth and hope for the future. In modern psychology it describes the man-boy, who will not grow up and face life and its responsibilities but remains emotionally a child, often unhealthily attached and dependent on the mother.

The puer is, as all archetypes, deeply polarized. His opposite is the rational intellect, the man of action who produces, rather than the idealistic dreamer. The problem for the person deeply influenced by the puer archetype is how to balance these two forces without becoming identified with them


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