This page is dedicated to the NeTi with highly developed Si, also known as the NeTi-Si subtype. The graphic to the right shows what the precise function development of this subtype looks like. Unfortunately, we have not yet written an in-depth profile for this page. We are still gathering information related to this subtype. As more samples come into our database we will be extracting out a detailed profile based on all the shared psychological characteristics of those with this exact vultology. In the meantime, feel free to follow the links below to learn about all the aspects of psychology that come together to create this iteration of NeTi. If you’re really curious, you may also find information about this subtype by examining the NeTi-Si samples in our database, at the bottom of this page, or browse the subtype threads on our forum.

Function Hierarchy Ne (TiFe) Si
Ego Fixation Si
Function Quadrant Alpha
Energetic Quadrant Explorer/Worldview
Approx. Temperament EST (Extroverted Sensing Thinking):
  • Optimistic/Opportunistic
  • Action Oriented (“Doer”)
  • Likes outings and events
  • Has a daring side
  • Loves to win
  • Motivated
  • In the present
  • Prefers clear facts and discussions
  • Attuned to the somatic
  • Dislikes poetic & metaphorical speech
  • Sensory Connoisseur
  • Logical / Skeptical
  • Dispassionate
  • Academic
  • Not very affectionate or warm
  • Robotic or Stoic
  • Mechanically-minded
  • Bold/Frank (Won’t mince words)
  • Hates waiting
  • Appreciates sensory detail & nuances
Spiritual Narrative Min: The present moment is not disconnected from the past; everything about us owes its existence to a chronology and genealogy which is as old as the earth itself. Behind every building, every shop and every object there is a story – a deeply rooted history which spans further and further back in time. There, one can discover who they are and where they truly came from. Living connected to these roots, one is connected to their true origin.
Currently this page is a stump. If you are a NeTi-Si and have been visually confirmed, please consider helping us expand this page by submitting your information to our research team. The team at is offering $10 for an autobiography of 500 words or more.


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