The NeTi-Ne, like the NeFi, leads their psyche with Ne – creating an overall attitude of curiosity, wonder and exploration. Being far removed from Si, which sits in the unconscious, their relationship to “the establishment” will be rather antagonistic. They will feel suffocated by any traditions, systems or protocol that limit what they are allowed to do or pursue. The NeTi-Ne will want, more than anything, to exist as an artistic and free spirit; uncovering all the mysteries that this world has to offer without any obligation to remain tied to their initial starting point. Having Ti, they will be avid theorizers and speculators – often asking lofty philosophical questions about the universe, life’s meaning and their purpose in it. They will actively seek out unusual and fun ways to do things, and can come to lead very eclectic lifestyles. More than being a people-person, the NeTi-Ne will be an idea-person and prefers to interface with people by means of a shared enthusiasm for ideas or interests. However, the NeTi-Ne will not be entirely antisocial and beneath their brainy exterior and thirst for abstract concepts will be a faint, but ever-present desire to find home among a family of thinkers that share their appreciation for creativity and invention.

Function Hierarchy Ne (TiFe) Si
Ego Fixation Ne
Function Quadrant Alpha
Energetic Quadrant Explorer
Approx. Temperament ENT (Extroverted Intuition Thinking):
  • Optimistic/Opportunistic
  • Action Oriented (“Doer”)
  • Likes outings and events
  • Has a daring side
  • Loves to win
  • Motivated
  • Theoretically minded
  • Philosophical
  • Imaginary in their thinking
  • Views existence at cosmic scales
  • Future oriented
  • Logical / Skeptical
  • Dispassionate
  • Academic
  • Not very affectionate or warm
  • Robotic or Stoic
  • Mechanically-minded
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Innovative
  • Depreciates the tangible for the transcendent
Spiritual Narrative Mer: A starry-eyed dreamer. Curious, fantastical and driven by an unquenchable thirst for novelty. An eternal child. Never losing sight of the imaginary or sacrificing the magic in life to succumb to the mundane. Oppositely, avoiding adult responsibilities and anything that may restrict one from taking flight anew and having full freedom over their provisional life.

A Psychological Profile

The NeTi-Ne type will have a mind that is “always on”, ever active and endlessly mulling over multiple ideas. They are imaginative, quick witted and ever curious about the reality they inhabit. The NeTi-Ne will experience the world from a wide range of angles, never pinning down life’s interpretation to one focal lens. Life is too varied and complicated to be reduced to such a narrow constraint. Instead the NeTi-Ne will carry a plurality of perspectives which they may hold suspended in their thoughts at all times. Their own understanding of reality is constantly evolving and shifting as new situations make new interpretations available.

Ne: Daydreaming

When faced with a situation, the NeTi-Ne will only casually consider the static objects before them as their mind soon drifts up, around and behind those immediate objects to uncover the implications related to the present. They are quick to leap beyond the physical world and become lost in their heads; conjuring up novel ways to view situations as they unfold. They have a talent for manipulating information spatially and relationally; fitting together ideas that are otherwise largely disconnected from each other. They may find themselves comparing elements of the periodic table to music bands, or imagining what the life of an eraser would be like from the perspective of a Pixar film. As children they may be absentminded daydreamers oblivious to their surroundings and caught up in a self-made world of equal parts fiction and reality. The domain of their imagination can be far more interesting to them than whatever is happening in the outer world. Some may nurture this world with stories they make up, complete with characters, landscapes and perhaps an entire legendarium.

Ne: Tinkering

However, the NeTi-Ne will also enjoy engaging with elements of reality through tinkering and experimentation. More than a few household devices may be taken apart as they yearn to see what’s inside. They may take up a variety of interests ranging from sculpting to rock collecting, music composition, cosplaying, animation, voice acting, puppeteering and ventriloquism – but will rarely become expert at any of them. As a jack of all trades and master of none, they will dabble with mediums frequently but may find themselves changing hobbies every few years. Yet in general, the NeTi-Ne will respond positively to this change and newness of experience; thriving best in adaptive situations. Repetition is among their biggest turn-offs, as they may never want to do the same thing twice. They enjoy being on the cusp of their understanding and seeing what lies still beyond their reach. However, every interest they’ve ever had has the potential to spontaneously reignite itself in them. On a whim they may circle back around to a hobby after having packed it up in the garage for years or decades, and continue their joy for it as if no time had passed. Indeed, they often have closets or garages filled with various unfinished hobbies or projects – waiting for an occasion to become the center of their attention.

Ne: Mass Data Absorption

Having a very active mind, their intake of information will tend to be very rapid. They may watch a show while playing video games while having a three-way phone call and also cooking dinner. They may be media junkies, often binge watching entire seasons or going on researching sprees online for days or weeks. A slowdown of volume, or a lack of things to absorb can lead to feelings of stagnation, hollowness and absence of thriving. As such their impulse will be to pick up something else right afterwards, needing to have some form of interest always in mind. However, this can be problematic if they find themselves more engaged in the endless flux of information than on the information itself. Despite vast amounts of information entering, much may be going in one ear and out the other. A perpetual challenge for the NeTi-Ne will be to be more targeted in their attention and sink deeply into a few topics rather than spread themselves thin across dozens of topics. And indeed, when they learn to channel their focus toward a single direction, they can become over-night experts on subjects, memorizing every minute detail about a favored hobby, genre, pop idol, science experiment, or category of trivia.

Ne: Lack of Attention

Yet, their attention will only become this focused for things they find interesting. Attempting the same level of intrigue for more practical and necessary subjects will prove itself impossible without large amounts of pressure. They will be prone to space out in class, be unable to get through long texts or any tasks that require a very slow or arduous pace. Their perception of the world outside of their interests will be faint, hazy or splotchy. If something is not particularly captivating, the details of objects in daily life with soon fade, leaving only their general impression as an after-image in their mind. When listening to others, as they’re absorbing the person’s words, one word will trigger a mental tangent midway and they’ll pursue it curiously at the loss of what else the other person was saying. They may experience a hyperactivity of thought, causing troubles such as over-thinking, excessive worrying about outcomes or not getting a good night’s sleep. They may find it difficult to slow down this mental pace and can often be diagnosed with ADD, ADHD or Sensory Processing Disorder.

Ne: Puns & Humor

The NeTi-Ne will also have an integral sense of humor and bring that with them into many of their interactions. They’ll have a capacity to convert their wild imaginings into out of context parallels; comparing a person’s gait to a limping platypus, an unusual jawline to a can opener or a shih tzu to an animated mustache. They’ll juxtapose ideas together in absurd and off-the-wall ways and highlight the unseen peculiarities of things. The NeTi-Ne will have a natural drive to spark up the environment; to provide levity and life to situations as well as to their own life. Life is too dreary if you can’t have a little fun.

Wordplay can be a favorite medium of humor, where they’ll manipulate the semantics of the situation to make puns and associations. “Oh you can sit here with me, chairing is caring!” or “That omelette was egg-squisite! But the bacon was hogwash” or spoonerisms like “I’m stoing to the gore” may be commonly heard phrases.

Ne: A Sense of Wonder

There will always be something about the NeTi-Ne that is attracted to the ephemeral; the unseen and imaginary. The world can feel like a brushstroke painting or animated film to them, in which people play characters. Barring any damaging life circumstances, the NeTi-Ne will be unusually optimistic; believing innately in the potentiality of things to improve. They may have child-like eyes and a child’s heart at core. Yet often this innocence can feel lost, as the crushing demands of life require grounding, closure and the chaffing away of potential – both their own and that of others. But even for the most arduous of lives, the NeTi-Ne will remember and feel a yearning for the simplicity of childhood and will dedicate their artistic careers to embodying that numinous youthful energy, whether through comedy, storytelling, acting or film.

Often NeTi-Ne can have a contagious ability to see things with fresh eyes; elements of life we’ve all become dulled to from repeated exposure. They may notice how odd it is that humans suddenly fall unconscious and helpless for eight hours every day, and nobody seems to mind it. They may ask why we have five finger and not four, or why we only have long hair on our head or why we have eyebrows –  and other questions that any ‘sensible’ adult has long since stopped caring about.

Ti: Theoretical Speculation

Outside of their thirst for exploration, the NeTi-Ne’s innate curiosity is also complemented by a logically motivated mind, seeking to understand what the essence of things may be when stripped of any sentimentality or ethical bias. As they churn ideas around in their skull, they’ll attempt to structure them into a form with the least internal contradiction. They’ll be driven by a pursuit of convergent understanding, and yet just as much driven to doubt their own interpretations of truth. Ever aware of the multiplicity beneath things, they become devil’s advocates to themselves, always having a second narrative prompting them “but what about this.” They may never feel like they are quite “there,” or that they’ve arrived at some essential truth, but instead feel they are within a process that necessarily involves a lot of rehashing, backtracking and upsetting of one’s own apple cart. The expression “but why?” may define a large part of their childhood as they question into the reasoning of things, both conventional and objective. Yet this will not abate their desire to hold – even if for the time being – a model that can cohesively make sense of their world.

Ti: Doing Science

They will enjoy clashing their paradigm against real world scenarios and others in debates as a way to test its fidelity. They will prefer to construct their framework from decentralized logical premises more than a set of known facts, but will often be avid fans of experimentation and the objective confirmation of hypotheses. When reason cannot bring you close enough to the answer, they take to the lab and get their hands dirty with practical tests. As with their tinkering tendencies, putting ideas into some sort of external simulation gives them more confidence in their conclusions. Nonetheless, they will understand the need to interpret those results from a certain frame, and can also view a variety of ways that the information can be taken – hence making the need for a sound epistemological framework indispensable. As the NeTi-Ne’s logical apparatus matures, this cohesive framework of understanding will provide the NeTi-Ne with far greater control over their lives. No longer is reality seen as an amorphous sea of potentiality, but instead becomes quantified and accounts for the most important elements of their experience.

Fe: Geeking-Out Together

The NeTi-Ne will not be the most innately drawn to socialization or the realm of people in general; often preferring to spend their time away from the complexities of the heart and engaged with hobbies and/or objects. Growing up their eccentric interests may have places them firmly into the geek/nerd subculture and away from the conventional and well-traveled path. However, people can be quite stimulating to the NeTi-Ne if, through joint participation in activities, they become catalysts for learning and facilitate their evolutionary path. So long as commonality can be found in some medium or platform, the NeTi-Ne can successfully interface with a very wide circumference of personalities. They will be tolerant and accepting of a diverse range of people – just as they are tolerant of a wide range of ideas.

But if the situation does not allow for authentic interactions of this sort, pressuring instead a different social protocol, then the NeTi-Ne will emulate the personalities around them using their creative ability to craft themselves into a proxy that accomplishes the necessary dynamic. They can blend seamlessly in and out of roles for the duration of the event at the cost of personal social exhaustion later on. The NeTi-Ne’s relationship to their own feelings is one largely unexplored or at least underdeveloped. Similar to their conundrum with settling on logical premises, the NeTi-Ne may struggle to form a framework of ethics that they can firmly abide by. This will cause other people to usually have much firmer opinions on ethics than their own, placing them in a responsive position where they need to calibrate themselves to the ethical sensitivities of others. They are generally non-judgmental nor political; preferring to stay out of the cultural crossfires and live and let live.

Si: Sorry, Can’t Adult Today

While the NeTi-Ne may be seen by others as innovative, lively and creative, the words “prudent, patient and dutiful” will rarely be chosen to describe them. Contextualizing their actions in time, thinking long term, avoiding risks and preparing for worst case scenarios will not be their natural strengths. Try as they might, their sense of scale and magnitude will always be skewed or distorted by the levity/ leniency that they bring to the situation; leading to a miscalculation of the severity or importance of certain events. A calculated budget turns out to be far too generous, an essay ends up taking far longer than they expected, or a long-awaited product ends up being highly unsatisfactory. When a life lesson is learned, they may not be entirely deterred from another attempt but feel it could have gone better if only they had done a few things differently. They may forego the advice of others and go with their intuition about things, disliking sit-downs and lectures from those who came before them. Although they may respect the good intentions of others, they will prefer to figure things out for themselves and do things in their own unorthodox manner; often surviving off unusual sources of income rather than by the established protocol.

Si: Resisting an Anchor

But by far the most challenging lesson for this type to learn is how to remain properly grounded in their life; to grow deep roots and establish a permanent place and routine for themselves. They may understand the utility of anchoring their existence to specifics, but the process of “settling” can represent a form of spiritual death for them; a betrayal of the pursuit of evolution. Freedom will be deeply coveted and they will tend to feel highly restrained by any system, institution or set of precepts – whether external or internal – that infringes on that liberty and threatens to compromise it. When faced with a real-life decision involving closure, such as choosing a career path or a partner/mate, they may agonize over the choice because saying yes to one thing is saying no to all others. The NeTi-Ne is exceptional at coming up with possibilities but not at narrowing them down, especially when their own experience will have shown them that mentally settling in any one direction carries a high probability of being the wrong direction later, or at least a suboptimal path. Indeed, such objections may be entirely valid and unanswerable, placing the NeTi-Ne at a crossroads where the eternally unknowable “could have been” must be sacrificed in order to have anything lasting whatsoever. They’ll be prone to leave things as open as possible for longer than necessary (perhaps to grave detriments), in an attempt to postpone the inevitable pruning of choices. Envisioning a long and suffocating future in the wrong trajectory will have them feeling frightened out of commitment. Indeed, as time proves their suspicions to be the case, they will seek ‘an out’ and upset their logistical situation heavily and pursue a different narrative better resembling what they wished. Their eternal wanderlust will cause them to cycle between periods of stability and change, living at times a nomadic lifestyle and riding the precarious sails of chance.

Si: Nostalgia

Yet for all their dislike of applied rituals and tradition, they will invariably hold a hidden nostalgic love for some elements of their past. Through their nomadic ventures, they may carry a special box of keepsakes with them from their earliest days. Familiar smells, iconic sounds and sights will uplift their spirit and can evoke an unparalleled delight. Statues, large libraries and old temples can radiate an energy that the NeTi-Ne may find deeply magnetic, and they will be drawn to the gravity of historical artifacts. This historical fetishism will also manifest in a love of collecting things, whether old books, coins, bugs, precious rocks or playing cards. They will live out their otherwise missing appreciation for history through the stories that artifacts and landscapes silently tell; dabbling in subjects such as geology, geography and cartography. In time, the may begin to produce stories of their own and find themselves at the campfire. But their secret affection for the past will be transient rather than an active fixation on the way things were before. After opening up their keepsakes, playing back their old records and reliving their memories for a little while, they will get stored away again and their attention shifts once again to the present.

Under Stress: Escapism

When the stress and gravity of life cause a fall out of emotional health for the NeTi-Ne, their first instinct will be to divert their attention away from the overwhelming pain. As is their philosophy in all areas of life, the NeTi-Ne will feel that better opportunities await, and will turn their attention to adding more substance to their lives rather than confronting the dark. Unlike other types who may ruminate on their problems, sinking deeply into misery and amplifying their effect over them, the NeTi-Ne seeks to resolve the emotional distress by filling himself up from the outside in with positive experiences. Humor, recreation and consumerism will be exercised as an antidote to their pain, often leading them to engage in reckless spending, jovial displays and to seek out more dangerous experiences.

On the inside, however, the NeTi-Ne will be viscerally compelled to stay on the run by an avoidance of their own anxiety and fears. They’ll feel that they would not be able to stand up to the full magnitude of their despair, and rather than have it crush them, they choose to highlight or exaggerate positives and downplay or ignore the magnitude of any negatives. It will be easier for the NeTi-Ne to stay on the move, engaging ever more desperately with his environment than to face the chaos. But when the despair can no longer be contained through their charade, the cumulative damage now pending may be so overwhelming as to push them to the other extreme into severe depression, isolation and anger.

Under Stress: Biploar

In the worst cases, this will lead them into bipolar behavior, oscillating between manic bouts of optimistic production and months of self-defeat and apathy. When they are manic, they will aggrandize a personality of humor and fun in order to gain praise from others. They’ll feel a pressure to keep up the happy image they’ve developed in people’s minds, and play a cherry face. They may become the class clown, riffing off exaggerations to gain a sense of self-worth from their animated displays and forced creativity.

When depression hits, they will lose all buoyancy and sink into a vacuous sense of worthlessness. Their attention turns inward and they look at themselves in order to understand what went wrong; how they are wrong or imperfect. They may come to feel responsible for all that is not going well in their life and will be prone to episodes of melancholy and deep ruminations about their shortcomings or imperfections. Suddenly their imagination, which was once their friend, becomes their worst enemy as the same branching thought process produces dozens of reasons for why they are not enough or why they’re destined for pain. For every optimistic thought they can conjure up, they conjure up five more than suggest things won’t work out well. They may become paranoid about the future and freeze in indecision, not knowing which way to turn or what is right.


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