Ne: Metabolism, Vultology, Behaviorism, Mythology

This page is dedicated to describing Ne the information metabolism process. We’ll be discussing how, by consequence of its cognitive operation, vultological and behavioral effects necessarily manifest as well as a psychological myth that often permeates one’s life.

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General Attitudes: Extroversion, Intuition, Perception


This summary is still being written. For a full description of Ne’s metabolism visit this page.


This summary is still being written. For a full description of Ne’s vultology visit this page.


Alongside the aforementioned visual signals, this information metabolism process produces certain personality traits. Not all Ne users have all of Ne’s traits, but more of them will be present in proportion to how prioritized and conscious the function is in the psyche. The following traits represent the core behaviors that emerge from Ne when fully conscious:

Ne: Daydreaming

When faced with a situation, the Ne user will only casually consider the static objects before them as their mind soon drifts up, around and behind those immediate objects to uncover the implications related to the present. They are quick to leap beyond the physical world and become lost in their heads; conjuring up novel ways to view situations as they unfold. They have a talent for manipulating information spatially and relationally; fitting together ideas that are otherwise largely disconnected from each other. They may find themselves comparing elements of the periodic table to music bands, or imagining what the life of an eraser would be like from the perspective of a Pixar film. As children they may be absentminded daydreamers oblivious to their surroundings and caught up in a self-made world of equal parts fiction and reality. The domain of their imagination can be far more interesting to them than whatever is happening in the outer world. Some may nurture this world with stories they make up, complete with characters, landscapes and perhaps an entire legendarium.

Ne: Tinkering

The Ne user will enjoy engaging with elements of reality through tinkering and experimentation. More than a few household devices may be taken apart as they yearn to see what’s inside. They may take up a variety of interests ranging from sculpting to rock collecting, music composition, cosplaying, animation, voice acting, puppeteering and ventriloquism – but will rarely become expert at any of them. As a jack of all trades and master of none, they will dabble with mediums frequently but may find themselves changing hobbies every few years. Yet in general, the Ne user will respond positively to this change and newness of experience; thriving best in adaptive situations. Repetition is among their biggest turn-offs, as they may never want to do the same thing twice. They enjoy being on the cusp of their understanding and seeing what lies still beyond their reach. However, every interest they’ve ever had has the potential to spontaneously reignite itself in them. On a whim they may circle back around to a hobby after having packed it up in the garage for years or decades, and continue their joy for it as if no time had passed. Indeed, they often have closets or garages filled with various unfinished hobbies or projects – waiting for an occasion to become the center of their attention.

Ne: Mass Data Absorption

Having a very active mind, their intake of information will tend to be very rapid. They may watch a show while playing video games while having a three-way phone call and also cooking dinner. They may be media junkies, often binge watching entire seasons or going on researching sprees online for days or weeks. A slowdown of volume, or a lack of things to absorb can lead to feelings of stagnation, hollowness and absence of thriving. As such their impulse will be to pick up something else right afterwards, needing to have some form of interest always in mind. However, this can be problematic if they find themselves more engaged in the endless flux of information than on the information itself. Despite vast amounts of information entering, much may be going in one ear and out the other. A perpetual challenge for the Ne user will be to be more targeted in their attention and sink deeply into a few topics rather than spread themselves thin across dozens of topics. And indeed, when they learn to channel their focus toward a single direction, they can become over-night experts on subjects, memorizing every minute detail about a favored hobby, genre, pop idol, science experiment, or category of trivia.

Ne: Lack of Attention

Yet, their attention will only become this focused for things they find interesting. Attempting the same level of intrigue for more practical and necessary subjects will prove itself impossible without large amounts of pressure. They will be prone to space out in class, be unable to get through long texts or any tasks that require a very slow or arduous pace. Their perception of the world outside of their interests will be faint, hazy or splotchy. If something is not particularly captivating, the details of objects in daily life with soon fade, leaving only their general impression as an after-image in their mind. When listening to others, as they’re absorbing the person’s words, one word will trigger a mental tangent midway and they’ll pursue it curiously at the loss of what else the other person was saying. They may experience a hyperactivity of thought, causing troubles such as over-thinking, excessive worrying about outcomes or not getting a good night’s sleep. They may find it difficult to slow down this mental pace and can often be diagnosed with ADD, ADHD or Sensory Processing Disorder.

Ne: Puns & Humor

The Ne user will also have an integral sense of humor and bring that with them into many of their interactions. They’ll have a capacity to convert their wild imaginings into out of context parallels; comparing a person’s gait to a limping platypus, an unusual jawline to a can opener or a shih tzu to an animated mustache. They’ll juxtapose ideas together in absurd and off-the-wall ways and highlight the unseen peculiarities of things. The Ne user will have a natural drive to spark up the environment; to provide levity and life to situations as well as to their own life. Life is too dreary if you can’t have a little fun.

Wordplay can be a favorite medium of humor, where they’ll manipulate the semantics of the situation to make puns and associations. “Oh you can sit here with me, chairing is caring!” or “That omelette was egg-squisite! But the bacon was hogwash” or spoonerisms like “I’m stoing to the gore” may be commonly heard phrases.

Ne: A Sense of Wonder

There will always be something about the Ne user that is attracted to the ephemeral; the unseen and imaginary. The world can feel like a brushstroke painting or animated film to them, in which people play characters. Barring any damaging life circumstances, the Ne user will be unusually optimistic; believing innately in the potentiality of things to improve. They may have child-like eyes and a child’s heart at core. Yet often this innocence can feel lost, as the crushing demands of life require grounding, closure and the chaffing away of potential – both their own and that of others. But even for the most arduous of lives, the Ne user will remember and feel a yearning for the simplicity of childhood and will dedicate their artistic careers to embodying that numinous youthful energy, whether through comedy, storytelling, acting or film.

Often Ne users can have a contagious ability to see things with fresh eyes; elements of life we’ve all become dulled to from repeated exposure. They may notice how odd it is that humans suddenly fall unconscious and helpless for eight hours every day, and nobody seems to mind it. They may ask why we have five finger and not four, or why we only have long hair on our head or why we have eyebrows – and other questions that any ‘sensible’ adult has long since stopped caring about.

Ne: Tangent-Hopping

The Ne user’s line of thought will often be very disjointed. They may start one thought, branch off into two, spend two minutes in one trail then circle back to the first and repeat the process again. They may go from talking about the size of breakfast one second, to shooting down aliens from outer space the next. The Ne user’s conscious experience will contain a great deal of spontaneity, as ideas arise into their awareness accidentally from the situation and how that references their memories. This can cause them to be scatter-brained as the Ne user may drop a topic mid-way entirely, and pursue a new direction with almost no attachments to the original thought or the objects in question. If two separate thought trails are marginally associated through some shared memetic anchor point, that is enough for the Ne user to hop train tracks to what seems a more novel mental landscape. We see a perfect example of this tendency in the butterfly from The Last Unicorn (1982) film.

Ne: Imitations & Parodies

The Ne user will also have a playful tendency to parody multiple characters and scenarios in real-time. A certain event or external sound/word will trigger an association chain which reminds them of a scene or meme, and their mind instantly re-enacts the memory both mentally and physically. The Ne user wears many hats and may be a sort of walking record of enactments, ready to sprint into their acting mode at a moment’s notice when the situation presents itself. They will manifest this in the form of “mini-skits” that imitate the iconic qualities of a thing. The Ne user may be an expert at playing with their facial muscles, making a wide range of expressions. They may also excel at modulating their voice tone, picking up and repeating accents from movie stars or obscure demographics. At a more functional and less recreational level, this gives the Ne user the ability to be adaptive and construct personas in social situations. If they are driven to assume a certain professional or social role, they may seamlessly be able to play the part. This can sometimes become a longstanding act, as they use the persona for months until the Ne user may even forget that they assimilated or constructed the character in the first place.

Ne: Optimism

The Ne user will also tend to have an optimistic perspective of things; believing in the potential or actual validity of many ideas, inventions, solutions or strategies even when the majority is opposed to them or skeptical. They are among the fist to jump on board with fringe technologies and may invest heavily in them. However their sense of optimism isn’t always wishful or hopeful in origin, sometimes being far more agnostic in nature. When pressed to gauge the reality or feasibility of a concept or idea, they will have a hard time saying “no” because of their capacity to multiply the hypothetical outcomes of all trajectories. Therefore nothing is ever completely “false” or necessarily impossible. There is always an angle one can look at things from to see a way through, and the Ne user will have no way to rule that option out. Wonderful as it may be in some cases, this optimism can also be a point of distress in their lives as they often lack any means to rule out false options when the world requires them to make a decision. They may ruminate over and over about how something may have turned out, and will be plagued with the question of an eternally unmanifested path for a long time. At other times this optimism can lead to a general gullibility. People may take advantage of the Ne user’s optimism as they often want to believe the best of people’s intentions.

Behaviors Under Stress:

Aside from the aforementioned behaviors, functions also display compensatory behaviors when the individual is under stress. The following behaviors manifest in the Ne user when distressed or when accompanied by high levels of neuroticism.


When the hardships of life cause a fall out of emotional health for the Ne user, their first instinct will be to divert their attention away from the overwhelming pain. Humor, recreation and consumerism will be exercised as an antidote to their pain, often leading them to engage in reckless spending, jovial displays and to seek out more risky experiences. On the inside the Ne user will be viscerally compelled to stay on the run by an avoidance of their own anxieties and fears. They’ll feel that they would not be able to stand up to the full magnitude of their despair, and rather than have it crush them, they choose to highlight or exaggerate positives and downplay or ignore the magnitude of any negatives. They may also become immersed in a certain media, binge-watching netflix or playing video games instead of tending to pressing responsibilities. Despite a completely conscious awareness of the necessity of certain actions, the more pressing a responsibility is, the more their mind will fight powerfully to avoid it, disallowing proper mental focus and follow-through. The Ne user will be in conflict with their mind as it struggles to do anything else but what it’s supposed to do. Therefore, rather than address the issue head on, the stressed Ne user may skirt around the problem and find something more magnetic to focus on and just wait for the project, assignment or relationship to fail on its own.


The spiritual experience of Ne is called Mer which is described more fully in this page. Mer is a psychological character or archetype within the Ne user – which also emerges in mythology – known as the Puer Aeternus or the “Eternal Child”. We see Mer in figures such as Peter Pan, Paprika, The Little Prince, Tet, and the like. These archetypal characters are almost always unbounded by gravity, able to fly and always have some capacity to use magic in a playful manner. They are provisional, innocent, and entirely without responsibility. Like the spirit of Mer,  there is a quality that Ne brings to its user which is floaty, flighty, surreal and nebulous. It may feel as if every mental step taken is a leap into new worlds, causing them to have a fantastical, spritely energy or the quality of air. This energy may feel amorphous, considering how the world is perceived in some ways as not really real. The Ne user may feel non-literal, non-corporeal and as if they were a caricature of themselves. Relating this quality to music, the floaty energy of Ne carries the tone of Mozart’s Turkish March or the Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairy.

Light: Starry-Eyed Wonder

The spiritual experience of Mer is like that of a newborn child who is seeing the world for the first time. As the laws of physics haven’t yet been established, anything seems possible and the child explores curiously this new universe she has landed into. Mer is often captivated by glittery things – whether stars, the reflection of light on morning dew, or the refraction of light through the trees. Mer honors the beauty of the child’s mind; the unadulterated curiosity of youth when we are still a well of potential. It represents the way we are before the world’s laws and restrictions oblige us to narrow our perceptions into practical parameters. It believes we could become anything we set our mind to. Mer also carries with it a deep hunger for exploration and the undiscovered. It holds an eternal wanderlust that compels its user to see what’s beyond the next horizon or around the next corner. It looks up at the night sky with a starry-eyed wonder.

Dark: Madness & Mischief

As is true of all archetypes, Mer also has a dark form. The dark aspect of the Mer myth manifests as a sort of madness where the physical laws of reality are distorted. And as a consequence of the total loss of one’s sense of reality, up becomes down, left becomes right and no laws are absolute. We see this exemplified most perfectly in Alice in Wonderland, where what starts as a playful fantasy devolves into a frightening world of impossible creatures and kooky yet magical situations. Dark Mer can manifest as dystopian dreamworlds filled with all manner of wacky characters made from the juxtaposition of concepts or memes. The dark unconscious of Mer interweaves those concepts together and forms from them a hodgepodge narrative. Other media depictions of this iteration of Ne are seen in Invader Zim or Rick & Morty where the protagonists are mad scientists that use their talents for their own chaotic amusements. Dark Mer will be playfully mischievous, like a ghost who likes to place hexes on unsuspecting passerby. This form of Mer begins to have strong crossover with Ver‘s Trickster archetype; enjoying pranks and a dark sense of humor. The cheshire cat and the mad hatter are perhaps archetypes of the dark side of Mer.