Ne-5: Parodies

Visual Description

The person enacts a mini-skit, often using their facial muscles to emulate the person’s appearance, and parody the most iconic stances/postures of the scene with their body.  However, the emulation will not be exact but only a caricature of the scene itself — often not carrying any of the gravity of the original. The person may just as quickly transition out of this emulation into another.

Psychology Description

This signal shows a psychology that is simulating hypothetical potentialities in their mind at a constant rate. At this particular moment, their mind’s attention has chased a chain of associations (memories) which have constellated together into a mental “scene”, then by using their proactive energy this scene emerges out of their body.  This signal evidences a mind that thinks in terms of memetic associations, and who is prone to diverge their mental attention toward short-lived, situational connections.

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