Book Elaborations

Hello, Juan here.

For those who have a copy of the book, you might have encountered the gap that exists between text descriptions and visual expression. Much of the topic of visual reading requires tangible observations to really make sense of it.

For that reason, I’ve been creating a complementary series called “Book Elaborations” which takes quotes from the book and gives tangible examples of their expression. To use a metaphor, it “unzips” the condensed content of the book and makes it accessible in a real-life way. You can find this ongoing mini-series in this forum board:

It’s a series open to discussion, so anyone wishing to participate in the process can do so, as well as inquire about any samples they’ve come across. If you’re curious about whether a sample you’ve encountered belongs to a certain type, feel free to ask or share your insights with us. We’re always open to learn about new people.

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