Collection: TeNi “David”


What’s your opinion of the culture that you live in?

It’s really… it has its ups and downs. I think we’ve really gone downhill over the years. Everybody’s trying to just make everything “everything” yet try to stop us from doing everything. Like the whole SJW situation. It’s like “Yeah! We believe in freedom just as long as you don’t offend us.” But, yknow, it’s just how it is.

Are you a religious person?

I used to be. But I mean, as time went on it kinda seemed more and more irrelevant in my life. I mean sure I could be wrong and I could be burning in hell for eternity but at the same time it’s like, at this point in life I’ll never know and there are more pressing issues that are on my plate at this time. So just worrying about if Jesus loves me or not is no big deal. Actually, just as long as you’re a decent human being, everything will be alright.

What’s one big turnoff for you in a man/woman?

One of the biggest turnoffs in people in general is just genuine bad personalities. If people suck, yknow it’s just not attractive. You wouldn’t wanna associate yourself with someone like that. Why would you? They’re just horrible people. Horrible people suck.

What qualities do you like about yourself?

Well, I’m very fond of myself — because it’s me. I’m the only person that I truly feel like I know. I mean, I like that I’m a musician; I wish I could be a better musician. I like that I’m not a complete idiot, that’s also a nice thing. I like my various facial expressions, it’s kinda fun. I like that I tend to also just do what I feel like doing. Some people are good at that; others get nervous but I just tend to “do it”. I like being out in front of people and just kinda showing off; it pleases me. Especially as a musician, just going and performing in front of people. Just having the ability to do that is a wonderful thing, I think.

If a genie granted you one wish, what would you wish for and why?

I’d probably just go with the basic: Give me money and I can figure out life for myself. I can use my money on whatever I need to, go and by a house or whatever. Because, though money doesn’t buy happiness, it buys security, and that’s a pretty good thing to have.

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