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What’s one big turnoff for you in a man/woman?

Across all boards, male or female, this attitude of entitlement. Y’know, this attitude of entitlement; of “I should be treated this way because _____.” Because I know someone, or because I’m so-and-so’s daughter or so-and-so’s relative. Y’know this attitude of entitlement; not earning it, just assuming that it should be given to you  instead of working hard for it.

For a girl, I can’t think of anything right now. Valley girl! There, that’s what it is – valley girl – that “attitude” of valley girls really turns me off. “Oh my god, how many shoes do you have?” That it’s all about shoes and purses and materials. Yeah, I can’t do that – I can’t do that.

So that about girls turns me of, I just shy away from them. About guys, learned helplessness. Y’know like, “no I don’t wanna do it”, “do I have to”. I guess because I have this work ethic. Y’know to some degree, the “wrap yourself up …with boot straps” ..but when guys are 40, not doing much with their lives, playing video games. I guess video games.

I mean, there’s something [different] with someone working and it’s a hobby, that’s different. Whereas they don’t wanna grow up, y’know that’s another… do you understand kinda what I mean? It’s a difference. “I work, I’m responsible… not necessarily married.. I work, I’m responsible, I do something with my life, and then I like to play video games as a passtime, downtime.” Yeah. But when you are 35-40, and still like a child….

Interviewer: It’s like they never became a man.

If there is such a word of what a “man” is… y’know it’s like “come on, grow up!” to some degree.

What would you change about the education system?

I think we could improve it by having every child have the same opportunity. It doesn’t matter what school district you live in, that you have the same access to the same quality teaching.

Interviewer: So that’s not the case right now?

No it’s not. Unless I’m wrong, my understanding is that with the taxes of the houses you fund that school district. So, the more expensive the houses, the more money you get. That’s my understanding. Of course there’s more to that, but there’s this book called “unequal childhoods” that I read in college and it talks about that. That the houses.. the school districts that have more less expensive houses, they have less funding. And so I think every child — no matter if they live in a trailer park or if they live on a townhouse in the most expensive part of town — they should have access to the same level of teacher with the same education, with the same quality.

I don’t think… public school is not the same from a district that has low funding to a district that has high funding. So I think that the playing field needs to be leveled.

If you could be any animal, what would you be any why?

If I could choose to be an animal I think I would choose an eagle. Yeah, to fly high high high in the sky, and see the world from up there and just look down. You’re pretty much unreachable. I’d like to be an eagle, I think I’ll choose an eagle.

How would you define success?

When you are happy. I’ve met a lot of people that have a lot of money, and they’re not happy. They are “successful” to some degree if you look at them. They have the car that they want, the house that they want, but they’re not happy. Success is when you feel… to me it’s when you feel accomplished. When you have that.. kindof like the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. When you get to the top: self-actualization.

When you look at your life and you say “It was worth living, I feel happy. I made a lot of mistakes but I’ve learned from them. And I like where I’m at, I like who I am. I feel comfortable inside my skin.”

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